Monday, August 26, 2013

Robert Duvall: Listen to each other

"Talking and listening is the beginning and the end of acting...conversing" is the core to all acting, according to Robert Duvall in an interview aired June 1, 2012 on NPR's "All Things Considered".

"Treat it as if it is the first time you heard it, the first time you say it."

Sometimes, he says, improvisation works to help keep it fresh, but in the end you are expected to know and use the words on pages.

He has six Oscar nominations and one Oscar.

"I was from a military family they pushed me into acting" to get me through college, "to find something that would give me a sense of worth."

"I was introduced to Dustin Hoffman by Gene Hackman...we all three paled around together and talked about our dreams...and now I never see these guys...we has a nieve confidence that we would make it,"

Brando was the guy we looked up to. He was "a revolutionary example...he presented  a certain kind of realism that no one had done before...he was willing to do nothing." You can "go from zero and end at zero."

"Lonesome Dove" was his favorite part.."The Godfather of westerns."

"All parts are important" and deserve to be real and believable.

"I always want to think of myself in the potential.."

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