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Extras Needed, non-paying

Dark Water Productions is filming a 20 min short this Saturday and we need extras for a hospital scene. If you are interested please contact Serriah or Jeremy at Casting Call Ent studio at 369.0400 for more info... you will receive your imdb credit. 

NOTE:  Union talent should not work this production without a contract.

Wisconsin Update

Todd Hissong, Vice-Chair, Regional Branch Division, Screen Actors Guild
A Wisconsin judge ruled Thursday the state's divisive new collective bargaining law was not in effect — a clear warning to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's administration that it risks sanctions should it continue with its preparations to begin deducting money from public employees' paychecks.

Acting Classes near Flamingo and Eastern, $99 a month.

Come check us out and see what we are all about!!!! Click on the link and check out our website for class schedules or give us a call 702.369.0400  

Is the family interested in taking acting, singing, voice or modeling classes? Give us a call for more information about family discounts!!!

Note: Art Lynch does coach acting at Casting Call on Friday evenings from 6 to 9 PM. He does not receive any compensation for running this notice or for his work beyond an hour pay rate. He also teaches in Boulder City through the Park District and private lessons.

Reality Show looking for Actors

A Las Vegas film production company is looking for a few actors/actresses for a reality t.v series pilot going to be shot this sunday April 3, 2011. We currently need 3 attractive females ages 18-30, 1 funny female, and 1 overweight funny male. If interested please reply to this post with your name, age, height, and a headshot. 

NOTE: this is from CRAIGSLIST, so use appropriate precaution. SAG and AFTRA Union talent may not work unless the producer provides a union contract. These contracts are easier and more cost effective than most producers think. If offered a role have the producer contact Nevada SAG Executive Steve Clinton. Union talent may not work without a union contract.

SAG Salutes winners in Web Pilot Festival
Screen Actors Guild New Media covered Silverlake Badminton and Adventurers Club took home the top honor of Judges Choice in Celebrate the Web’s “Raising the Bar” web pilot festival. Winners were announced at a live event at the Acme Comedy Theatre in Hollywood on March 29. 

We are One, wear your SAG Gear and Come out with Pride!

The National AFL-CIO has called for a day of unity on April 4, 2011 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Caesar Chavez, and union solidarity.  The theme is “We Are One.”  I am requesting that those of you who believe they can support this effort and are available to attend to please do so.  
wear whatever SAG gear you have – t-shirts, hats, etc.

April 4, 2011
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Community College of Southern Nevada
Charleston Campus
6375 W. Charleston Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV  89146
Behind the Health & Sciences Building (K Building)
There is a parking lot off of College Drive next to K – we’ll rally there.

If you would like to let the AFL know you are participating go to to register for the rally.

"The hard right — which these days is more or less synonymous with the Republican Party — has a modus operandi when it comes to scholars expressing views it dislikes: never mind the substance, go for the smear."

Click here for the New York Times Opinion Article the above statement is from...

"What’s at stake here, in other words, is whether we’re going to have an open national discourse in which scholars feel free to go wherever the evidence takes them, and to contribute to public understanding. Republicans, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, are trying to shut that kind of discourse down. It’s up to the rest of us to see that they don’t succeed."

"Machinal" review

Sophie Treadwell's "Machinal" is like an opera libretto for which the music never arrived, especially in Insurgo's prosaically acted production, a stylistic jumble. Were anyone else directing, regisseur Stacia Zinkevich would doubtless play the lead role. Instead, she has a directed the usually forceful Sarah Spraker in a petit-point characterization that's overwhelmed by the (undeniably impressive) mise-en-scene.
Las Vegas CityLife is Southern Nevada's most established alternative weekly newspaper, covering news, politics, music, clubs, arts and culture in both print and online editions.

Teen Looking Web TV Host Sought [

Project: A new web-based TV channel is looking for a female ages 18+ (playing ages 16-24) to co-host a new web-based youth oriented pop-culture show in Las Vegas.

Seeking a dynamic, outgoing, colorful personality, not shy on camera. Must be comfortable around celebrities and interviewing guests.

This is not a modeling position.

Duties to include:
Co-host on camera, interviewing guests, interacting with and building the fan base on social media sites, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, keeping current with pop culture, i.e. music acts, movies, events, and more.

Program will be a weekly running show but we will shoot episodes in blocks to make best use of scheduling and events.

Please title email: YOUTH HOST and send to:

Be sure to include:
1. Your name (first and last)
2. Age
3. City/State where you live
4. Contact phone number
5. Headshot and/or demo reel
6. A brief introduction of yourself

Must be 18 or older, a US citizen or legal alien.

Must be a Las Vegas local and have reliable transportation.

Gig is part time. Great production team, great material, a unique opportunity.

Only completed submissions will be reviewed. Due to the high response, we may not be able to reply to all submissions. 

NOTE: this is from CRAIGSLIST, so use appropriate precaution. SAG and AFTRA Union talent may not work unless the producer provides a union contract. These contracts are easier and more cost effective than most producers think. If offered a role have the producer contact Nevada SAG Executive Steve Clinton. Union talent may not work without a union contract.

"I Am My Own Wife"

With all the advance publicity of an IRS audit, Onyx has snuck Doug Wright's Tony-winning monodrama "based on his conversations with German transvestite Charlotte von Mahlsdorf" into its April lineup. CityLife won't be able to review it but, with virtuosic Corey Benway as Charlotte and the protean Joe Hynes directing, I am prepared to recommend it sight unseen.

AFTRA and Screen Actors Guild Reach Tentative Agreement with Industry Representatives on New Non-Broadcast/Industrial Contracts

Contract covers a wide range of on camera, performance and voice work up to and including recording telephone messages...

LOS ANGELES (March 31, 2011) - Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists today announced that the Joint AFTRA and SAG Non-Broadcast/Industrials Negotiating Committee have reached a tentative agreement with industry representatives on terms for three-year successor agreements to the SAG Industrial and Educational Contract and theAFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Non Broadcast/Industrial/Educational Recorded Material. The contracts were set to expire on April 30, 2011 and will now be effective May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2014.

Click on read more below for details and the full release.

48 Hour Film Project Meet-up's start tonight

Reminder: MIXER #1 - LV48 Hour Film Project 2011 - Winning LV Film goes to Cannes! is in this Thursday.
>   Just a quick reminder that Nevada Film Alliance has a Meetup in one week. Are you going?
>Derek Stonebarger added this Meetup for Nevada Film Alliance
>What: MIXER #1 - LV48 Hour Film Project 2011 - Winning LV Film goes to Cannes!
>Why: The 48 Hour Film Project is Coming to Las Vegas! This years winning LV film will screen at the Cannes Film Festival in France!
>When: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:00 PM
>5570 W Flamingo Rd
>Las Vegas, NV
>Mixer #1 -
>March 30th, 2011 with $2 PBR & Food Specials from 6-9pm!
>Torinos Bar and Grill,
>5570 W Flamingo Road
>Las Vegas, NV 89103
>Kickoff will be at NABshow at the Convention Center at 6pm on April 8th.
>Dropoff will be at theatre7, in the Arts District at 7:30pm on April 10th.
>For more information or to lock in your team name go to
>Click here to say you're going

Its taking food from the mouths of families...

Movie piracy isn't just Hollywood's problem, MPAA's Dodd says
Those who view stolen or pirated movies are shortchanging the entire film industry and are contributing to an ongoing "American problem," according to Chris Dodd in his first speech as chief executive officer of the Motion Picture Association of America. "I am deeply concerned that too many people see movie theft as a victimless crime," the former U.S. senator from Connecticut said. "It is critical that we aggressively educate people to understand that movie theft is not just a Hollywood problem. It is an American problem." Home Media Magazine

He said those who steal movies fail to recognize that nearly 2.5 million people work in the film industry, including “middle-class folks, working hard behind the scenes to provide for their families, saving for college and retirement.”
“Those who steal movies and TV shows, or who knowingly support those who do, don’t see the faces of the camera assistant, seamstresses, electricians, construction workers, drivers, and small business owners and their employees who are among the thousands essential to moviemaking,” he said. “They don’t see the teenager working their first job taking tickets at the local theater, or the video rental store employees working hard to support their families.”
-Home Magazine, top paragraph from CEA Smart Brief

We need more local media coverage of the arts


Bad news from Bob Pisano, in the Los Angeles Times:
The number of tickets sold per person annually in the U.S. and Canada has steadily fallen for most of the last decade to 4.1 last year, the lowest since 1993. In a recent presentation, Bob Pisano, president of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, attributed the trend in part to declining attendance among baby boomers.
Sales are down a huge 20% this year, compared to last year.
There’s some disagreement as to whether the slump is due to weak product or economic factors or both. Ticket price inflation can’t be helping.

Bob Pisano is a former CEO/NED of the Screen Actors Guild.

Sexing up "The Playboy Club"

"The Playboy Club," NBC's pilot about the 1960s centered around the Playboy club in Chicago, wants its cast to get down and dirty. Variety reports that contracts for actors in the show include clauses for nudity and simulated sex that go beyond the typical deal for a broadcast show. While broadcast networks are more restrained (and under more scrutiny from advertisers and the government) when it comes to sex on TV, standards are loosening and the producers behind the show -- 20th Century Fox and Imagine Television -- could use the material to make more adult versions for Europe, DVD and iTunes.

From the LA Times Company Town with material added. Click here for additional news from the LA Times and Company Town.

Gambling on Low Budget Movie Studios

More of a meow than a roar. Lionsgate, already something of a mini-studio, wants to make a broader push into low-budget movies. The production company said it plans on making 10 movies with budgets of less than $2 million over the next few years. "A lot of people want to dip in their toe and we want to put our whole foot in," Michael Paseornek, president of movie production and development at Lionsgate told The New York Post.

The majors are focusing on large budget "tent pole" films, which sell merchandise, have strong legs in all forms of distribution and spawn successful sequels. While the majors are stepping down from making large numbers of movies each year, and many independents are still finding it hard to finance their projects, Lionsgate and other small studios are based on filling the void, both by making films and assisting with distribution deals.

The first paragraph is from the LA Times Company Town (click here for more news from that blog).

"Las Vegas Mob Experience" review

Las Vegas Mob Experience opens at the Tropicana and ... it's an experience, all right. Sort of a Mafia religious shrine, featuring the Gospel According to Meyer, Bugsy, Mickey & Lefty, starring Jimmy Caan as The Baptist. This could be an instant Camp Classic, a cultural atrocity so bad it's good.


SAG/AFTRA Dancers Committee chair Bobbie Bates was honored with the Dancers in Solidarity Award on March 27 at the 2011 Dance Track Magazine Artist Awards for her efforts to improve working conditions and the professional lives of dancers and choreographers.

This was the first year Dance Track magazine, a publication devoted to professional dancers and choreographers, has honored exceptional members of the dance community. The award was presented to Bates at the event in Hollywood jointly by Screen Actors Guild Senior Advisor John McGuire and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists National Board member Susan Boyd Joyce. Screen Actors Guild which was one of the Premiere Sponsors of the awards show, also presented Bates a commendation after the event.
Caption from left to right: Sandra Colton, Susan Boyd Joyce, John McGuire, Bobbie Bates and Glenn Hiraoka
Caption from left to right: John McGuire, Bobbie Bates and Glenn Hiraoka
Photo Credit: Levi Walker 

For additional information, click "read more" below or click here.

Update on SAG Nevada President Barbara Grant

>Subject: Barbara Grant
>In case you were unaware of it, Barbara Grant is in Summerlin Hospital, Rm 325.  She is scheduled for heart surgery this Friday.
>She now has her computer with her in her room so you can email her.  Thought you'd all want to know.

Jeff Gatov  
Headshots, &, YouTube videos
Telephone# 702-882-7776 ...

MTV, ICU TV Network, Vegas TV Film Casting Monday at the Palms Hotel (Las Vegas)

MTV, ICU TV Network, Local Legends Ent.
Vegas TV Film Casting and hiring for Reality show Releasing next month in Las Vegas.
Artists, models, dancers, singers, promotional companies,designers, And HD Film Crews.
Soulja Boy, Gabriel Cannon(Wild N Out) Spanky(Wild N Out)
Exclusively distrubited by Universal Music Group.

MONDAY APRIL 4th, 2011 ONLY!!! Exclusive Casting @ The Palms Hotel.

Contact info: ICU Network
10 Universal Plaza
Universal City, CA

Office:310 .571.8159

Check out the links below for a sample of the show and past productions. 

Note: From Craigslist, so use appropriate precautions. Not sure about this promotional cattle call, but may be worth a look-see.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comedy at CSN Cheyenne Campus Thursday Night, only $5

"We are One" April 4th...Join SAG in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King's pro-labor legacy.

SAG members join together to commemorate April 4. Click here for 4 ways you can participate!

SAG talent needed for background work on major feature film

Feature film being shot in Las Vegas. We are looking for all SAG members for extra work on a SAG movie. All Ages, all Races, Men, Women, and children, teens, and young adults.
Please send head shots and contact information so we can set up an appointment ASAP.

Note this is through Craigslist with no attribution of which agency is responsible, so use precautions.

We also suggest you use the following links to list for auditions and background extra union work:

Bad Movies make for bad box office

From LA Times Company Town (click here).

Oh, that's the problem. A gathering of movie industry executives and theater operators meeting in Las Vegas reached a consensus. Bad movies apparently hurt box office. Who knew?  "So far there is just nothing terribly compelling about what we're delivering as an industry," Sony Pictures Entertainment chief Michael Lynton said. Box office attendance is down 20% in the U.S. and Canada so far this year. While it's true the quality of the product is down, rising costs don't help and neither do the short windows between when a movie hits a theater and when it is available on DVD and video-on-demand. Just saying. More on the CinemaCon conference from the Los Angeles Times.

Mad Men leads to delay in Mad Men

Mad Men grow madder. The new season of "Mad Men" should have started in July, but now we are looking at next spring. Variety reports that the reason is a contract dispute between the network and the shows creator and cast over pay, but also over a demand to trim characters in the character based program to save on production dollars.

Trained actors needed

Male actors wanted for a dramatic low budget film. I need theatre trained actors, so please send me your acting resume, pictures and a working phone number. This is a NON-PAYING job. All you will receive is film credit and festival exposure. LAS VEGAS LOCALS ONLY. Thank you 

Women, Sucker Punch, Bravo and Wrestling 24-7 on every network

What's the message? Variety's Brian Lowry looks at concerns about the portrayal of women in Warner Bros. "Sucker Punch" and compares it to reality shows like the ones that fill Bravo day and night which he notes can do as much damage to feminism as a leather miniskirt.

Speaking of Bravo, what happened to the quality non-commercial arts network, geared to upsale educated audiences the network was formed to be? For that matter what happened to a cable spectrum with a wide range of networks appealing to different niches and interests. It seems the WWF or E have taken over the spectrum, back to back with reality shows and home improvement or cooking tips. The same movies and programs no matter where you turn. No matter Netflix and other services are booming.

Non-paid background needed Saturday

Dark Water Productions needs extras for their current project "The Emergence"

Date: Saturday April 2
Time: 8:00 am to 2:00pm
Location: 701 Shadow Ln. Las Vegas NV 89106
Wardrobe: Normal everyday clothing. No thin stripes or logos

Feel Free to bring Friends and Family of all ages (young children are welcome to attend as long as they are able to remain quiet when necessary 
All extras will receive copy, meal and an IMDb Credit.
(Visit for more info about these credits)

Please confirm your attendance via email at

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (702)369-0400


She is known around the world as Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show, but on Monday night Phylicia Rashad demonstrated that she is much more than a favorite TV mom.
The event, Phylicia Rashad – A Woman of Distinction: Her Story, was organized by the SAG National Women’s Committee and the SAG Foundation and took place at SAG Headquarters in Los Angeles. Carrying herself with a rare grace, humility and a serene charisma, Rashad charmed the capacity audience with tales of a remarkable life and a deep love of acting and the arts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April 4, a Day of Rallies for Union Rights. Join Us!

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life. The workers were trying to form a union.

Join us in solidarity with working people across America fighting to keep the very rights Dr. King gave his life for that day in Memphis. Workers rights are under attack in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and elsewhere. Those working families need to know that you stand in solidarity.


1.  Join Screen Actors Guild’s Virtual Rally. Post and tweet your support via comments on SAG’s Facebook page and by tweeting your solidarity messages on April 4. Share your solidarity, union pride, and/or the immortal words of Dr. King. Click here for sample messages to get your creativity flowing. Please use the hashtags #April4 and #SAGmember.

2.  Document this important moment. Take a photo, or shoot a testimonial video of yourself on April 4 showing your union solidarity and email it to (see details below* and be sure to include your full name and location). We’ll add it to an online album and share it with the world. You can also post your video to YouTube and send us a link to share. To see sample photos and videos, click here.

3.  Spread the word far and wide. Tell at least four friends or family members about Apr. 4 and why unions are important to America. Engage as many people as possible in defending working people against the assaults happening right now in many states. Have your friends contribute to our online album documenting the day.

4.  Participate in a local action. SAG members in the Hollywood Division, the New York Division and in Branches across the country are participating in solidarity events in their area. Click here to find an action in your area.
For resources, We Are One downloads and a list of actions in your area, click here. 
Screen Actors Guild's support of this initiative should not be interpreted to be the position of any individual member. SAG advocates for a legislative and regulatory environment that protects and supports Screen Actors Guild members, but does not raise funds or endorse political parties or candidates for publicly-elected office.

*All photos, videos or other materials submitted as a part of this program become the property of Screen Actors Guild and may be cropped/edited in our discretion and will not be returned. While we will make every effort to include all submitted materials in the online album, we cannot guarantee inclusion and some material may not be included, uploaded or recognized due to inadvertence or editorial discretion. By submitting any material, you represent that you own the material and have all necessary permissions from all individuals appearing therein and you grant to Screen Actors Guild permission to use in any media, in connection with the material, the name, voice, likeness, and location information of all individuals appearing therein.

Rally for Labor and Working Americans

April 4, 2011
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Community College of Southern Nevada
Charleston Campus
6375 W. Charleston Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV  89146
Behind the Health & Sciences Building (K Building)

Deadpan Stoic Actors Wanted for film

Actors wanted with the following attributes for an independent film project.
  • Age: 18 - 30 (ish)
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Appearance: Alternative, Artistic, Bohemian, Scruffy, etc.
  • Personality: Stoic, Deadpan

If interested, please provide photo and info. 

NOTE: this is from CRAIGSLIST, so use appropriate precaution. SAG and AFTRA Union talent may not work unless the producer provides a union contract. 

Auditions for "Pill Popper"

Established music video and commercial company in Las Vegas is producing a short film.

Project title: "Pill Popper"

Genre: Pulp crime/ Dark comedy.

Synopsis: Two hipster pill addicts get offered the deal of a lifetime; over a few grand worth of pills in exchange for killing their pusher's wife.

Content: Involves coarse language, explicit violence and sexual situations (no nudity). Please advise.

Running time: 10-12 minutes.

Shoot length: 3-4 days, shot over 2 weekends preferably. Will work with people's schedules. 

Click on "read more" for breakdown and additional information.

NOTE: this is from CRAIGSLIST, so use appropriate precaution. SAG and AFTRA Union talent may not work unless the producer provides a union contract. 


-Sandy: (M/20's) Skinny rockstar looks. Disheveled. Scrawny. The leader of the operation. Caucasian.

-Kellen:(M/20's) Considerably bigger than Sandy. Rockstar looks. Disheveled. Must be able to look physically imposing. Caucasian.

-Big Brett: (M/ Age can vary) Their pusher. Buff. Extreme fighter type. Ethnicity open.

-Krystal: (F/ Age can vary) Big Brett's wife. Must be able to play a ditzy, exotic dancer type. Scenes involves an elaborate death scene. Ethnicity open.

-Housekeeper: (F/ Age can vary) Must be able to emulate broken English (depending on your ethnic background). Involves an elaborate death scene. Ethnicity open.


Jinny Raymond, talent agent, dies at 83

Talent agent Jinny Raymond died Wednesday, March 23, in Agoura Hills, Calif., of natural causes. She was 83.
Among Raymond's clients were Henry Winkler, James Woods, Danny Glover, Elizabeth McGovern, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Mahar and Terry O'Quinn.

"Rumors" review


Tuesday, April 5 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Created By

More Info
FOUND DOOR THEATRE PRESENTS Auditions for  CASA DE NADA by Erica Griffin Produced at the 2nd Annual Vegas Fringe Festival at Las Vegas Little Theatre

Running time: 1 hour

CASA DE NADA is a one act dark comedy about some homeless people living in a secret tent city in Las Vegas. They are, in fact, in the backyard of a very wealthy woman who holds a lottery every month to give out a "promotion".
adult language. Below is the cast break down, 3M, 2W.

a homeless woman, off her meds, 30-50

a charismatic super tramp, 20-30

a homeless man, big voice, funny hair, 50-60*

a mexican transient, quick moving, 20-40

a beautiful, Jane Goodall type, 20-30

directed by Erica Griffin
stage manager TBD
please email for sides

*the role of Mr. Wig is precast