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A reminder to SAG members that it is very important you pay your dues by October 31st.  Methods of payment and, if applicable locations, can be found on the web site

Your on-time dues payment is vital to ensure services and national board voting level for Nevada.

Dubbing Agreement Caucus for SAG Members

A  SAG Dubbing Agreement Caucus will be held this Thursday, November 3, 2011, at 7:00pm, in the Cagney Board Room, 5757 Wilshire Blvd. LA. Anyone who works in the field and is SAG is invited to attend.


at the California Market Center on 9th Street in Los Angeles

Register Today for this exciting once-a-year opportunity to take career advancing workshops, learn about the industries newest products and services at the exhibit hall, get casting director advice in the Meet & Drop sessions, AND participate in open casting calls including Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, NBC, Telemundo, and MUN2!

Basic Registration is FREE. You must register to attend. There are only fees for workshops. REGISTER TODAY!


The Meet & Drops at Actorfest provide you with the opportunity to have a 1-2 minute one-on-one meeting with a well-know casting director, and drop off a copy of your headshot and resume. This is a great opportunity to meet a knowledgeable casting director, ask questions you have been eager to know answers to, and get critical feedback on your pix & résumé presentation.

Meet & Drop sessions are FREE of charge.

Confirmed Casting Directors that will be participating in the Meet & Drops include:

Kerry Barden, CSA: Casting Director/Partner, Barden/Schnee Casting with offices in NY and LA. Casts mostly feature films. Credits include: "The Help," "Machine Gun Preacher," "Winter's Bone," and "Conviction."

Mark Teschner, CSA: Four-time Emmy Award-winning casting director for "General Hospital."

Matthew Barry, CSA: Casting Director/Partner, Barry Green-Keyes Casting. Casts feature films. Works with Nick Cassavetes, credits include "My Sister's Keeper," "Alpha Dog," and the upcoming "Yellow."

Dorian Frankel, CSA: Casting Director. Casts mostly for television. Credits include: "Parks and Recreation," "The Office," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Craig Campobasso, CSA: Casting Director. Casts for feature films. Credits include: "Pizza with Bullets," "The Perfect Host," and the upcoming "Buffalo Bill" and "In Love and Death."

Chadwick Struck: Casting Director and Producer of indie Feature Films. Credits include: "A Green Story," "The Drunk," and "Rockbarnes."

Michael Testa: Casting Director/Partner, Shaner/Testa Casting. Casts mostly for television. Credits include: "Cold Case," "Ringer," and "Chase."

Caroline Liem, CSA: Casting Director for television and feature films. Credits include: "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3," "Silent Witness," and "X2."

Chris Game: Casting Director, Theater Director, Teacher. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Chris has cast a number of national commercial campaigns, for Harley-Davidson, Swiffer, Shell, and Burger King.

Killian McHugh: Commercial Casting Director and Teacher. Works with Alyson Horn Casting.

Fern Champion: Casting Director. Casts mostly feature films. Credits include: "Pet Cemetary," "The Mask" and recently "Beyond" and the TV mini-series "The Hatfields & McCoys."

Russell Boast: Casting Director, Pagano/Manwiller Casting. Credits include: "Franklin and Bash" and "White Irish Drinkers." Russell also produces and directs theater in L.A.


Our career advancing workshops feature some of the industry’s best instructors, coaches, and casting directors. We recommend that you Register Today as workshops are selling out!

The intensives at Actorfest are a great way to drill into a specific topic in an intimate class setting. Some of our key intensives include:

Preparation Tools that Help You Get More Commercial Callbacks and Bookings
Meet a Top Commercial Casting Director with over 600 credits! Carolyne Barry promises to change how you think about preparing for your commercial auditions. Teaching her empowering techniques and working one-on-one with some participants, she will gives insights, information and tools that will improve your on-camera auditions.
-- Carolyne Barry, Actor, Teacher, Casting Director, Director, and Producer

Preparation Tools that Help You Get More Commercial Callbacks and Bookings
Meet a Top Commercial Casting Director with over 600 credits! Carolyne Barry promises to change how you think about preparing for your commercial auditions. Teaching her empowering techniques and working one-on-one with some participants, she will gives insights, information and tools that will improve your on-camera auditions.
-- Carolyne Barry, Actor, Teacher, Casting Director, Director, and Producer

Demystifying the Audition Process: 6 Audition Tools for the Actor
Learn the Secrets of having an Amazing Audition from a Casting Director, Network Executive, and Teacher whose credits include "Six Feet Under."
In this audition workshop, actors will learn the "6 Audition Tools Method", developed by Holly Powell in her four-week audition workshops. Actors will learn to achieve the mental focus of an athlete while in the audition room through the use of six simple audition tools--helping prevent "the voices in your head" from sabotaging your concentration. A few actors will participate in a "mock" on-camera audition, and the audition process will be demystified through simulating a real casting session.
-- Holly Powell, Casting Director and Teacher

Cold Reading Technique
The True Secret to Getting Cast! Without Excellent Cold-Reading Skills, you'll flop at auditions. Don't fear: This focus session will prepare you to impress Casting Directors. Fear. Intimidation. Hesitation. Nerves. All things that get in the way of our auditioning process. Acting teacher Anthony Miendl and workshop participants will explore new ideas about the audition process and cold reading. We will find new ways to infuse your work with creativity and help you leave the audition room feeling empowered and satisfied. It's time to stop worrying about the audition and leave it in the room.
-- Anthony Miendl, Acting Teacher

Standup Comedy for Actors
Stand out at Auditions with Stand-Up Skills! Work with an Award-Winning Comedy Teacher whose credits include Major Network TV Shows.
In this intensive, fun, and hands-on workshop you'll learn the secret architecture of comedy: how to structure a joke, how to find your signature topics, and how to unleash your unique sense of humor on stage. You'll walk away from the workshop with a solid foundation for creating your own standup comedy routines. Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Ellen Degeneres and so many others have launched successful movie and TV careers with the power of standup. Now, it's your turn.
-- Gerry Katzman, Comedy Teacher


The following casting calls will be taking place at Actorfest LA!

Casting Calls are FREE of charge. We never charge for any casting opportunity.

Males (5'9" - 6'2"): and Females (5'0" - 5'8"): to portray popular lead characters made famous in the following Disney features: Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell, The Princess and the Frog

Dancers: males (5'1" – 6'2") and females (4'8" – 5'8"): dancer/performers who move well, to appear in our Mainstage musical theatre productions, Disney Cruise Line, and in Disneyland Resort Parades. Some performers will appear as Disney Costumed Characters and Look-alikes for Meet and greets on board ships and others will step out into ensemble dancer roles. Candidates will be measured at the audition. Note: All Applicants must be 18 years or older.

NBC is seeking union talent (SAG or AFTRA members only); Males and Females, who can play ages 18 to 45. Bring a current SAG or AFTRA card in order to sign up for the NBC auditions.

TELEMUNDO is seeking bilingual and Spanish-speaking actors; Males and Females, all ages; union and non-union talent welcome.

MUN2 is seeking Spanish-Speaking, English-speaking and Bilingual actors; Males and Females, all ages; union and non-union talent welcome.

For full details and the complete schedule of casting calls, workshops and speakers, check out: Get the tools you need to take your career to the next level!

For any questions, please contact


Be There. Be Seen. Get Noticed.

Back Stage Presents
Hosted by CastReach

Saturday, Nov 5
8 - 11:30pm
Elevate Lounge
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Join hundreds of fellow actors, models, filmmakers, photographers and industry professionals for the official Actorfest LA After-Party! CastReach parties are not only an exciting social experience, but a perfect setting to make lasting, productive connections. Past events have sold out beyond capacity so get your tickets now!


"Trailer Park Housewives", local based films and more from Shoting Stars

An Apple Television, Oscar Race Update, Who Controls the Movies, and two brothers who are using digital platforms to market and profit on their films...

The Polish Bros iTunes Venture; 'Martha Marcy' Filmmakers

The Polish Bros iTunes Venture; 'Martha Marcy' Filmmakers


- Did Steve Jobs leave behind an Apple TV that will revolutionize how we consume television?

"I finally cracked it...seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iPad...with the easiest user intrinsic interface available"...meaning throw away your remote Apple is coming...the plan is a high quality TV with Internet quality pictures, plus a better Apple TV interface (in a new separate device for those who do not buy Apple TV's). Apple is launching first run films and a streaming service. It is rumored Apple will buy or launch its own television and film studio to feed their new project and dream of fully integrated entertainment.

- Hollywood movie studios are reducing production deals will this mean less interesting films?

Major films and projects have been pulled by the studios, ending many favorite projects of producers, writers and actors. The studios used to love to have producers deals, surrounded by powerful producers. Today the producers are not studio loyal, drive up huge overhead costs and earn too high a gross percentage on projects. Studios feel that the projects will come to them and the studio can do it itself in-house. Of course producers say that studio executives leach passion, vision, uniqueness and creativity from projects.

- Unlike last year at this time, there are so far no Oscar front-runners this year.

This year there does not appear to be a clear field of Oscar front-runners for nomination, much less the statue. It could be any of dozens of films at this point.

For Lovers Only, the latest movie from Mark and Michael Polish, is a black and white romance made as an homage to the French New Wave. With Mark acting alongside Stana Katic (Castle) and Michael directing, shooting and doing everything else they made it on a shoestring and on the fly. When it came time to release it they found the most expeditious way possible, iTunes. Now it's grossed over $300,000 and the brothers are thinking this could be a model for a certain kind of indie filmmaking. Then, Sean Durkin, Antonio Campos and Josh Mond, the friends behind the indie drama, Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Michael and Mark Polish on location during For Lovers Only
Photo courtesy of the Polish Brothers
Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin and Josh Mond at the
New York Film Festival premiere of Martha Marcy May Marlene
Banner image:  Stana Katic and Mark Polish from For Lovers Only. Photo courtesy of the Polish Brothers


Spending up, Amazon gets Disney Reprieve, New AMPTAS head comes from Indy Film, FOX and the Dodgers

From the LA Times Company Town Entertainment Industry Blog (click here for the latest news).

Amazon's Kindle FireConsumer spending on entertainment up for the first time since the Recession began in 2008. Spending on home entertainment totaled $3.9 billion in the third quarter of this year, up 5% from a year earlier, marking the first increase since the recession took hold in 2008.

Purchases of recorded movies fell to $1.7 billion in the latest period, down 4% from the third quarter of 2010, a new report from Digital Entertainment Group shows.

The continued drop in consumer purchases of movies came despite the growth in popularity of Blu-ray discs. Sales of films Blu-ray discs, an increasingly popular format, were up 58%, but that wasn't enough to offset a decline in DVD sales.

The video rental market also was soft, staying relatively flat at $1.8 billion. The closing of hundreds of Blockbuster outlets helped push rental revenue from physical stores down 29%. The loss of Blockbuster stores was partially offset by gains in rentals at Redbox kiosks.

Digital revenue, increasingly important for the home entertainment business, showed double-digit percentage gains. Spending on online rentals and purchases jumped 56% to $811 million as subscription streaming services such as those offered by Netflix and gained popularity. The increase also reflects a decision by Netflix to report its revenue from streaming separately from its movies-by-mail revenue.

Disney deal: Like Netflix, Amazon will not get access to current shows in season. In other words, last week's 'Grey's Anatomy' won't show up on Prime Instant until a month after the current television season ends.

Walt Disney Co. has gotten on the Amazon gravy train.
Looking to acquire content for its video streaming service Prime Instant, Amazon has struck a deal with Disney's ABC broadcast network as well as its cable channels including Disney Channel, ABC Family and some older shows made by ABC Studios including "Felicity."

The short-term agreement is much smaller than Disney's current arrangement with Netflix, but the structure is similar. Like Netflix, Amazon will not get access to current shows in season.

The Netflix deal, which was also given a short-term renewal by Disney, is broader in terms of content. Amazon gets access only to past episodes of one current ABC series, "Grey's Anatomy." Netflix gets past episodes of the medical drama, its spinoff "Private Practice" and "Desperate Housewives."
Besides Disney, Amazon has also signed agreements with CBS, Fox, Warner Bros., Sony and NBCUniversal. It is making a big push for content to help boost sales of its new Kindle Fire tablet.
For all the big entertainment companies, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services have turned into a vital new revenue stream. They need content for their streaming business and are throwing cash for old TV shows.

Learning curve. The New York Times profiles Dawn Hudson, the new chief executive of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. She's ruffled a few feathers in the thankless job, but no one questions her tenacity. “If you don’t want to say yes, don’t take her phone call,” said Michael Donaldson, the general counsel at Film Independent, the nonprofit Hudson ran before joining the academy.

End of cinema. The New Yorker weighs in on the controversy over Universal Pictures' now-aborted attempt to offer "Tower Heist" on video-on-demand just three weeks after its theatrical debut. Writes Anthony Lane: "There’s only one problem with home cinema: It doesn’t exist. The very phrase is an oxymoron. As you pause your film to answer the door or fetch a Coke, the experience ceases to be cinema."

One born every minute. Almost 20 years ago, the telephone companies invaded Hollywood. Money was tossed at executives and producers with dreams of new content giants being created. Other than a few executives getting even richer, nothing really happened. Now Google is coming to Hollywood with an open checkbook in the hopes of turning YouTube into a competing platform to traditional television. Maybe it will work, but if not, some folks will get overpaid trying! Coverage from the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and New York Post.

Wither the mogul. Rupert Murdoch is under siege and other media toppers are in hiding. That's the take from Variety columnist Peter Bart. I might argue that other than Murdoch, there are no other chief executives of media giants with nearly the personality to speak without requiring three focus group assessments first. Also, his family history is tied to that company. Not true for most everyone else.

The blame game.So Hilary Swank takes a ton of cash to show up at Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov's birthday and then there is a backlash against her for it since he's not exactly on the Nobel Peace Prize shortlist. Her next move? Fire her advisors of course! That's the word from The Independent. Swank was clearly a believer in the W.C. Field's line "it's only a crime if you get caught."

Inside the Los Angeles Times: NBC News anchor Brian Williams starts his second job as host of "Rock Center," the network's new news magazine. OWN Presidents Erik Logan and Sheri Salata are prepared to take the long road to success. Why Fox is fighting so hard with Dodgers owner Frank  McCourt.

-- Joe Flint

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Puss and Boots kicks Dreamworks down a knotch

Shares of Glendale-based DreamWorks Animation dropped Monday after the company's latest film, "Puss in Boots," opened this past weekend to softer-than-expected results.

DreamWorks Animation shares fell 8% on Monday as investors responded coolly to the box-office debut of "Puss in Boots," a spinoff of the studio's hit "Shrek" films that features the voices of Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

With a production budget of about $130 million, "Puss in Boots" generated $34.1 million at the box office over the weekend, well below the $40 million to $45 million that most Wall Street analysts had forecast.

"This is the lowest opening weekend of any DWA CG animated feature since 'Antz' in 1998,'' said Doug Creutz, an analyst with Cowen Group, in a report to investors. "We believe the performance of 'Puss' is further evidence that increasing competition in the animated film space significantly degraded the domestic box office potential for individual animated films."

In a research note titled "Hairball," Creutz revised his domestic box office estimate for "Puss in Boots" from $154 million to $120 million but maintained his neutral rating on the stock.

Richard Greenfield, an analyst with BTIG Research, who has a "sell rating" on the stock, said that wintry weather in the Northeast may have negatively effected the opening of "Puss in Boots," but wrote in a blog that the film’s opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada was "well below our and consensus expectations."

Even if the film has some staying power, it "may have difficulty reaching our $157 million domestic box office estimate, which is well below consensus," said Greenfield.

DreamWorks Animation, which releases at least two films a year, remains a market leader in the industry but has been squeezed by an industry-wide slowdown in DVD sales and growing competition from other studios in the family film business.

In its most recent quarter, DreamWorks performed better than expected, although its profit fell 51%, which the studio attributed to the timing of its releases.

The company's shares closed Monday at $18.56, down from the company's 52-week high of $37.74 in November.

DreamWorks executives declined to comment on the investor reports, but cited the effect of storms in the Northeast and the World Series on Friday on the opening of "Puss in Boots" and predicted the movie would build momentum.

Movie review: 'Puss in Boots'
DreamWorks Animation considers distribution options
'Puss in Boots' showcases work by India animators for DreamWorks
— Richard Verrier

Car Show needs "walkers" ($100 pay) 

Looking for a person (male or female ) to walk around at the SEMA show which is one of the largest international car shows in the world.
You will be handing out flyers and business cards and collecting business cards.
It will be 3 days from Nov 2 to Nov 4 from 9am to 4pm
Casual wear, all in black
Rate $100 per day for a total of $300.
Please e-mail ASAP.

Note: from Craigslist, so use appropriate precautions. This sort of work usually goes through talent agencies that have convention or live event divisions.

Blu-ray disc sales set the pace for home entertainment growth

The Digital Entertainment Group reports that consumer spending on home entertainment increased 5% in the third quarter, to $3.9 billion from $3.7 billion in the year-earlier quarter. Pacing the growth were sales of Blu-ray discs, which jumped more than 20% in the first nine months of this year compared with the same period in 2010, reaching $1.23 billion. The New York Times (tiered subscription model)

Labor Dept. ‘Friends’ Facebook to Help Job Seekers

Share with those who need a helping hand

From the AFL-CIO Blog (click here)

by Mike Hall, Oct 30, 2011
The U.S. Department of Labor is joining forces with Facebook and education and employer organizations to provide crucial employment resources to job seekers through the use of social networks.

A new Facebook Social Jobs Partnership page (click here) highlights available training programs, educational opportunities and job search resources. Also Facebook has made a commitment to drive traffic to the page through targeted online public service announcements that will appear to users in geographic areas experiencing high unemployment.
Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis says:
Linking American job seekers with the resources they need to get back to work is a top priority of the Obama administration and my department. By leveraging the power of the social Web, this initiative will provide immediate, meaningful and ready-to-use information for job seekers and employers, and a modern platform to better connect them.

Other partners in the initiative are the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, DirectEmployers Association and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Those groups will conduct in-depth survey research about how job seekers, college career centers and workforce recruiters are using the social Web effectively; explore how job postings can be shared on Facebook and through other social websites at no charge; and distribute educational materials to recruiters, government agencies and job seekers about the utility of the social Web.
Marne Levine, Facebook’s vice president of global public policy, says:
Facebook is about connecting people, so that they can share what’s important to them, and that is the driving force behind the social jobs partnership. We’ve brought employers, recruiters, college career services and government agencies together to help the millions of Americans who use Facebook to find jobs.

Drag Queens, Female Impersonators need for live event 

BESTAgency is seeking Drag Queens/Female Impersonator for the following positions:
Cashiers, Bartenders, Barbacks, Cocktail Servers, DJ's and Little People. You must be 21
and over to attend. The shift times will be 4pm-midnight or 8pm-4am and include paid
breaks and lunch as applicable. The hourly rate is industry standard plus tips which will
be pooled

Please bring a Headshot, Resume and Photo ID to the audition. Please bring your own
music; CD or IPod along with a short performance

Please come dressed as your Drag/Female Persona ready to mingle and socialize

Friday, November 4, 2011
Audition Time: 2pm
Location BESTAgency
5525 S Decatur Blvd.
Suite 102
Las Vegas, NV 89118

INVITATION ONLYCasting Associate

Best Agency is a Las Vegas Talent agency. This blog does not usually list live events, but we felt that actors need to know the large amount and diversity of live work available.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Puss' tops weekend B.O, beating out Halloween Horror!

Weekend Estimate Chart
Title (Distributor)    Engagements    Weekend Box Office Estimate
1. Puss in Boots (Paramount)    3952    $34,000,000
2. Paranormal Activity 3 (Paramount)    3329    $18,500,000
3. In Time (20th Century Fox)    3122    $12,000,000
4. Footloose (Paramount)    3224    $5,400,000
5. The Rum Diary (FilmDistrict)    2272    $5,000,000
6. Real Steel (Disney)    2914    $4,700,000
7. Three Musketeers 3D (Summit )    3017    $3,500,000
8. The Ides of March (Sony)    1572    $2,700,000
9. Moneyball (Sony)    1631    $2,400,000
10. Courageous (Sony)    1134    $1,800,000

Events, Wednesday November 2, 2011

Casting Call Magazine to launch in January

Excited about new and upcoming projects for Casting Call and Dark Water Productions.. look out for our Entertainment Newspaper to be launched January. If you are an entertainer who would like more publicity and market yourself contact Gary at 702.369.0400 the paper will be direct mail to L.A. C

Peter Pappus Audition Workshop

Audition Workshop With Hollywood Casting Director  
Peter has been in casting for over 11 years and couldn't be more thrilled with his chosen career path. He gets to work with amazing people and is involved with some of the most exciting projects. Currently an Associate Casting Director with Valko/Miller Casting, Peter works on the CBS hit comedy "...

WHERE: Casting Call Entertainment-NV 
 DATE:  December 10, 2011

FEE: $79.00   

10:00AM to 1:00PM   
2:00PM to 5PM 
 AGES 8 years to Adult

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Auditions for "Assasins"

Contact:  Andrew Wright                                                          
(Contact Info for press contact only, not for publication)                                         

RagTag Entertainment is pleased to announce open auditions for
Stephen Sondheim's ASSASSINS.

"Bold, original, surreal, disturbing, thought-provoking and alarmingly funny, ASSASSINS is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written.

This most American of musicals lays bare the lives of nine individuals who assassinated or tried to assassinate the President of the United States, in a one-act historical "revusical" that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman bend the rules of time and space, taking us on a nightmarish rollercoaster ride in which assassins and would-be assassins from different historical periods meet, interact and in an intense final scene inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream."

Saturday, November 5th at 7:00 pm.
Callbacks are by invitation only; and will be Monday, November 7th at 7 PM.
Please keep these dates available.
Director - Sean Critchfield
Assistant Director - Andrew Wright
Musical Director - Nancy West
Auditions on Saturday, November 5th will be held at 953 East Sahara, inside Commercial Center, next door to Suite 101. The space will be clearly marked.

All roles are available.

Click on "Read More" below for additional details.

Happy Hammergrin Halloween/ Nevada Days Open House is on this year

Lonnie's Open House for Nevada Day is on! Visit "the" collection October 30th

SAG actors who have been here for a few years remember the parties Lonnie use to throw for branch members who hit 25 years in the union (some as high as 70 years). My wife and I had the joy of handling Lonnies marketing and advertising (of course Lonnie was his own marketing) on his successful run for Lt Governor in 1994. It was a fun and wild ride! A campaign unlike any other!

As for his house: sharks, subs, Apollo text capsule, bikes, shrunken heads, musical instruments, a working planetarium, an authentic gondola, neon Las Vegas history, the desks from the old state legislature and a world of other surprises are to be had when touring this "back yard" overlooking Sandhill. The Liberace staircase, his traveling piano, the dome from the old Dunes, a roller coaster from the Stratosphere, a scale model of Leonardo daVinci's flying machine, the Nevada Brothel Bar, a plane owned by Howard Hughes and much much more...

Will there be an annual Halloween at Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammegrin's house?

The ANSWER THIS YEAR IS YES..Open House on October 30th for Nevada Day (costumes optional). More in today's Las Vegas Review Journal.

Click on "read more" below for additional information on the Hammergrin Estate.

Jack Black and Will Ferrell "Get Off the Stage" Oscar® song

Listen to a new Frankenstein Radio Drama, Sunday 3:30 Pacific and 6:30 Eastern

Next to last reminder! Frankenstein's Demon is close to being brought to life in stunning cranial technicolor. The radio play, almost 10 years in the making, airs tomorrow at 6:30 pm (Eastern) on 101.5 LITE FM. It can be heard - wherever you are - at and will be available afterward free, on demand at The LITE FM Players have outdone themselves!
Editors Note: Last Year's War of the Worlds was well worth the listen, even in far away Las Vegas. Dave Corey and his team are talented writer, audio masters and voice actors. Corey is also the National Board of Directors Representative from Florida and a friend. This version is based directly on the book, not movies or television, so expect a different sort of Frankenstein's Monster. 
PS: Even through it is radio, Corey, who is taller than my 6 foot four frame, does play the monster....

Alternative Halloween Popcorn Movies

Blind Man offers Frankenstein's Monster Fresh Hot Soup in "Young Frankenstein" by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks, a recommended Holloween Alternative Comedy, referencing classic films and life in general. Also consider "Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein" where the "original" monsters Bella "Dracula" Lugosi and Lon "Wolfman" Chaney do their finest performances ever! 

Of course you could do what the ladies at Boulder City's Hot Dam Boutique do..jam out on the origional talkie Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman and other classic Halloween horror films!

Doris Day to Receive Career Achievement Award From Los Angeles Film Critics Association

The group will next meet Dec. 11 to vote on its annual awards.

by Gregg Kilday
Doris Day Circa 1966 - P 2011Getty Images
Doris Day circa 1966
Doris Day has been named the recipient of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's Career Achievement Award.

Although the actress has not appeared on fim since the late '60s, throughout the '50s and early '60s she was one of Hollywood's reigning boxoffice stars. Although she is best known as the virginal heroine of such frothy comedies as Pillow Talk and That Touch of MInk, she appeared in a wide range of films from thrillers like Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much to musical dramas like Charles Vidor's Love Me or Leave Me.

STORY: Doris Day Interviews With Sir Paul McCartney Before Album Drops

During the course of her career, she received one Academy Award nomination as best actress for 1959's Pillow Talk. Over the years, her fans supporters have also urged the Academy to pay tribute to her with an honorary award, although it has yet to do so.

LAFCA also announced that it will meet to vote on its choice for the year's best films Dec. 11.

  • Doris Day
  • The Hollywood Reporter: More on this and other entertainment news stories, click here.

Postcard from actor Andre Body


Presented by Off-Strip Productions and RagTag Entertainment
10/27 - 10/31
Thursday - Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm
Special Halloween Performance Monday at 8pm

Ticket Prices:
$30 for the VIP SPLATTER ZONE (includes t-shirt!)
$20 for general admission
$15 for Las Vegas locals - good on general admission only    

Anthony Del Valle of The Las Vegas Review Journal gives at an A

LVTAPS says it's a must-see show

David Hardy of ArtsVegas writes: "Get the F@#k over to the Onyx and check out Evil Dead the Musical!"

Las Vegas Weekly: 4 STARS

Audiences, bloggers, critics, and fans alike are raving about the production - and there are still tickets left for you to come "Join Us" for all the fun! 

For tickets and information:

Or call 702-732-7225

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

About Off-Strip Productions: Off-Strip Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre production company dedicated to bringing exciting works to the stage, to educate the public on the theatre arts, and to expose and develop the talent found in the greater Las Vegas area.

About RagTag Entertainment: RagTag Entertainment was formed with a single thought in mind: "The performing arts are for everybody, not just those who can afford them." We have gathered performers from across the country who are passionate about sharing the arts. Our goal is to introduce the performing arts and enrich lives through various modes of performance.

About The Onyx Theatre: Located near the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Onyx Theatre is Las Vegas' leading alternative and performance space for world-class and local artists. It is dedicated to personal artistic expression, free minds, unrestrained entertainment, and socially relevant art.

Nevada Branch SAG sponsors 2nd Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade

Monday, October 31 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
4th St. at Hoover - Downtown Las Vegas
Created By   
Bobbie Wolff
More Info   
Our branch is participating as sponsors in the 2nd Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade this year. We are looking for branch members and a guest to join in. We are looking to have a classic movie monster theme for our group. Think Werewolf, Dracula, Bride of Frankenstsin, Frankenstein, Mummy, The Invisible Man, Elvira, Munsters, Zombie, Witch, Phantom of the Opera, etc. Costumes are manditory for all who want to participate in the parade.

Those dressed as movie/TV characters will have prime placement in our group. We are working on limited space for classic movie monsters to ride a float, for those who are unable to walk the route and want to join in. Please, let us know if you are interested in riding or are available to help with decorating, starting at 5:30pm. Parade starts at 7:00 and doesn't go too far. Join us for this fun event to help promote our branch.

Check out the parade facebook page at

Basic Parade Details:
Don’t miss Las Vegas’ only Halloween Parade. The 2nd Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade (LVHP) presented by Zappos & Las Vegas Weekly, will be held on Halloween night, Monday, October 31, 2011. All interested in joining the parade should arrive, in costume, at the staging area located on 4th St. and Hoover, just North of Charleston beginning at 6 p.m. The downtown parade route will be held on Street, Northbound to the disband location at Ogden (one block North of Fremont Street).

Continue the fun after the parade at our Masquerade Party at Gold Diggers in the Golden Nugget or at the street parties located in Gold Spike and El Cortez parking lots, both start immediately following the parade.
All parade rules and registration form can be found on our website.

WHEN: Monday, October 31, 2011
WHERE: Downtown Fourth Street parade route from Hoover North to Ogden.The best viewing location is along 4th Street, from Hoover Street North to the Fremont Street Experience.
TIME: Parade line up at 6:00pm- Parade starts at 7 p.m.

Volunteers are needed & additional info is available on our website or call (775) 400-1011
See More Website

This event is not associated with SAG in any way nor is it endorsed by the SAG organization. Screen Actors Guild is not an official sponsor.

Events for Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bunkhouse
8 pm Tribal Maskorade $10

Las Vegas Little Theater (Black Box)
2 pm Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom $10- $15

Onyx Theater
5 pm Evil Dead the Musical $20/$30

SAG National President Encourages Actors to Support Creative America

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

As an actor, you know the harm that is caused when people steal your work. That’s why Screen Actors Guild has partnered with Creative America, a new grassroots organization that gives the members of the entertainment community a powerful, unified voice in the fight for stronger laws and policies to protect American jobs and creativity.

Creative America is a coalition of SAG, AFTRA, DGA and IATSE, along with studios and networks, working together to fight back against content theft. But we can’t do it without your help. Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit the Creative America website at and sign up to be a supporter.
  • “Like” the Creative America Facebook page at Add your comments and share posts with your friends. Being part of Creative America’s online community helps you stay informed and get the word out to others.
  • Follow Creative America on Twitter @creativeamerica.
  • Avoid rogue websites that profit off of distributing illegal content.

Be part of the fight to stop content theft. It only takes a minute and it helps protect your future.

In unity,

Ken Howard

Classical Radio Fans Mourn

The pop culture figure, who also hosted "Jim'll Fix It" for 20 years, was a DJ too and claimed to have been the first in the world to use two turntables.

James Arness will always be "The Thing", from the 1951 Movie "The Thing (from another world)." A fourth remake is due to hit theaters this Halloween season, alas with less of a personality to the plant based stranded alien life form. James Arness passed away earlier this year.

First published 10-2-2011

With the Mob Museum Opening soon...I felt I should share a mob memory involving the Halloween's of my Youth!

Halloween, Mobster Memories.

When I was a kid I use to change costumes and return to the same house many times. We all did. A nice old man gave out full boxes of Cracker Jack, and in every few boxes there was slipped in a two dollar bill! Lots of money back then. 

The nice old man was Sam Giancanna!

Use the link and you will know why this story is not just some boring Halloween story. 

There is a scary aspect to it when you find out who he was.

Theatre Booming This Recession Haunted Year

Dead Bodies to be centre of Las Vegas Reality Show

Joshua Cohen shared a link.
About 14,000 people die each year in and around Las Vegas. The Clark County coroner's office investigates about 3,500 of those deaths and conducts about 1,500 autopsies.

New Phase for YouTube, first run cable quality programming.


100 channels of original programming? Low budget with big names? 25 new hours per day?

CW to stream shows on Hulu

CW's Hart of Dixie
Continuing the evolution of its digital strategy, the CW television network said Friday it would offer online streams of new episodes through Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service.
The five-year deal with Hulu comes just two weeks after the CW, a joint venture between CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, announced a similar partnership with Netflix. Netflix will make available episodes of past seasons of CW shows, including "Gossip Girl" and "Vampire Diaries," to its subscribers.
The Hulu deal is different because the service, owned by media giants News Corp., NBCUniversal and the Walt Disney Co., will have the exclusive right to stream episodes of such new CW shows as "Ringer" and "Hart of Dixie" as well as returning series. Financial terms were not disclosed.
The two deals mark a major switch in strategy for the small broadcast network, which until now had tightly held the digital rights to its shows. In a bid to protect its TV ratings, the network delayed the online availability of its episodes and steered viewers to its own advertising-supported CW website.
But by striking deals with such major players as Netflix and Hulu, CW is carving out a new revenue stream, which should eventually allow the network -- launched in 2006 -- to finally become profitable.  Episodes will continue to be available on the CW's ad-supported website.

Film Incentives at work: Ironman lands in North Carolina

In a blow to Los Angeles' below-the-line community, Marvel Studios will take its next "Iron Man" movie to Wilmington, N.C.

After weeks of speculation about where the movie would land, EUE/Screen Gems co-owner and Chief Operating Officer Chris Cooney confirmed Thursday that Manhattan Beach-based Marvel will shoot its next "Iron Man" movie at his studio in North Carolina.

“We aggressively pursued this piece of business,” Cooney said at a press conference held at the studio. “We negotiated hard and it paid off.”

Marvel also had been considering Michigan, but uncertainty surrounding the future of that state's tax credit took it out of the running.  Marvel executives also weighed filming in Los Angeles -- where the first two films in the superhero franchise were shot -- and New Mexico, but executives were ultimately wooed by North Carolina’s 25% film tax credit, in addition to the large Wilmington studio. California offers a film credit of up to 25% but it excludes big-budget movies like "Iron Man 3."

“We have a massive film facility and the third-largest film and television based crew in the country,” EUE/Screen Gems Executive President Bill Vassar said.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Spoktacular Tonight

So here we are! We are just one day away from the biggest event in Las Vegas this Halloween season, and that is THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, starring the cast of Frankie's Favorite Obsession! We're ready to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you! It's this Saturday at Midnight (Come around 11-11:30 if you want good seats; we expect to sell out) only at Regency Tropicana Cinemas (3330 E. Tropicana Avenue at Pecos)! So don't dream it, BE IT
Saturday, October 29 at 11:30pm, Tropicana Cinema Inc

Friday, October 28, 2011

Events for Saturday, October 29, 2011

Events, Friday October 28

Las Vegas Little Theater (Black Box)
8 pm Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom $10- $15

Onyx Theater
8 pm Evil Dead the Musical $20/$30
11:59 pm Chaos Theater Company: The War of the Worlds $10

Theater 7
7 pm Fearophilia



Happy Halloween Weekend!

Lots of scary theater and film this weekend, concerts, parties and costumed kiddies to adults. 

Be watchful of children and inebriated adults. 

Designated driver is the way to go, if you must travel. And while we are at it Happy Nevada Day (Oct 31, celebrated today due to Californians changing our state laws)..