Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Study Your Craft!

There has been an upturn in work here in Nevada.

It may be location work that comes and goes, but it is work.

Nevada talent are also finding work in other cities and markets.

You must be good enough and prepared.

Register with the casting companies and as much as you can make yourself available for background work (if that is the type of work you wish to do or if you are new to the industry). See the lists and links on the right hand column of this blog for contacts, ideas and starters.

Stay on top of their work, and offer your talents in whatever way each office or location casting director prefers.

There have been roles cast as well, but as always most actors are brought in from LA. We can change that if we are prepared and able to show our talents fully at auditions.

Casting directors have stated that they must be very picky in bringing in local talent to audition, because the level of ability must be at a high level, a professional level, and actors must be truly knowledgeable and skillful to get the opportunity to be cast.

Sign up with agencies (SAG talent is suggested to sign an exclusive and may be represented only by SAG Franchised agents), network with agents and managers, get to know your fellow actors and stay on top of your craft.

I urge you to go to acting classes in our community to heighten your talent and skills as they apply to film acting.

The SAG Conservatory is a start, but it is not a school, or ongoing training. The Conservatory is for surveying what is out there, hearing from professionals in the business, and to be honest, networking with fellow talent.

Private classes are available with several good people teach steadily throughout the year. Some are located in office parks (for example Hollywood Bound on west side, or Michael Plasited's Empress Theatre), others in "far off" places (actually very close) out of their homes, park district offices or schools. I keep it no secret that I offer classes through Casting Call Entertainment on Fridays, at my home or though Boulder City Park and Recreation (for a low $40 a month, most of which goes to keep the Park District operating). 

Both UNLV and CSN offer acting classes and coaches. Both also offer on-camera training.  There is an added benefit for older talent. Both offer free or low cost training for actors over 55, at-risk performers and in some cases performers with disabilities. Call the theater and film departments for additional information.

Local middle and high schools offer theater departments. There are local non-profit and for profit schools and training centers for talent of all ages as well.

The important thing is to continuously increase your abilities. Auditioning for plays (and hopefully getting a role) is another way to gain vital experience.  If you want the opportunity to conceivably get a speaking role, get that training and keep at it. Acting on stage may be different than film, but there is a reason most working actors do theater. Theater is our heart and the heart of our craft.

Get that training and continue it. One class does not make you an actor.

And in the words of one of my teachers, "be and applicant not a supplicant." Go in and consider your audition or interview what you do best, the time you enjoy and practice your craft. Do not go in and beg for a job, name drop, or take up unneeded amounts of the casting professionals time. Use your craft and do your job well.

Get the training!

-Art Lynch

(writtten from experience and the heart, and materials from Professor Glenn Cannon, Paul Napier, Vic Perillo, the late Lucky Hayes, the late Dick Wilson and others).

A partial list of local instructors and schools follows. I teach at Casting Call Entertainment, Boulder City Park and Recreation and the College of Southern Nevada...(Art Lynch).

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