Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Search for Auditions


Work in Nevada requires hustling, study and the tools.

Recently a student asked me where should they go to audition.

My answers:

Scan down or use the search feature at the right to search for auditions. Suggest using name of play, theater company or organization to narrow list. Also use links to each theater company (See Nevada Legitimate Theater Directory - partial list). Image credit:

There are many links, sources for addtional links, free and paid services indicated if you use the entire right hand column of this blog. 

Keep up on this and other blogs.

Network with friends and filmmakers.

Ask others at the audition to add you to their lists to contact about auditions.

Also, do not be afraid to look at older links (button at bottom of this column) to back to earlier today, yesterday and this week for casting information and more.

Send information or releases you may have to:

Art Lynch,

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