Sunday, September 8, 2013

Follow your dream, not someone's ego


We all have them.

They can be useful.

But they can also be harmful.

Hungry actors flock to anyone they think can help them.

Beware the ex-patriot LA actor/director/producer who seeks out students selling their own ego, their IMDB or the celebrities they allegedly know or worked with. They are packaging themselves rather than what they can do for you. Simply being a casting director, director, producer, agent or actor does not make you a good teacher, coach or mentor.

Beware those who favor anyone with any NYC or LA experience over local, Chicago or other very real theater, film, television or commercial experience. 

Truth is that those who do know, who are seeking attention, are drawn to the flame rather than let the fire inside themselves drive their decisions.

Beware the acting teacher who  needs the affirmation of adoring students eating up every word.

Beware anyone who belittles, attacks or trashes others.

The true acting community is very small, now just in Las Vegas but surprisingly so in LA,  New York City and other cultural centers. . Despite large numbers of actors, you would be surprised how close the ties or connections are within the community.

I have received false information, reports of attacks against me or others I know here in Las Vegas from friends in the industry, not just in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, but as far away as Chicago and New York.

So study with those who you know are helping you, where you are at and who you are. Do not decide based on sales packages or egos.

Judge all coaches and teachers not on how they sell themselves, on how they help, encourage and benefit their students. Judge the class by the talents and drive of the students.

And remember not to toss stones against specific individuals,companies or markets (We all know those same CD's, agents, directors, producers and actors who take you money for classes are the people who keep propagating the myth that there is no talent in Nevada).

Put ego aside.

Work at the art, on the craft and with your talents.

Then follow your dream.

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