Friday, May 9, 2014

Why undermine others? Be there for them and they will be there for you!

When my dad died, unexpectedly of a heart attack, it was the cast of Us Company that helped me deal with it and drew me out of depression back into the warmth of the theatre.

When other friends pass, or undergo the same sort of unexpected loss, trauma or is actors, crew and those involved in theatre and and film who have been there for them.

We need to be together, to support and love each other.

Acting, and for that matter the extended family of the theater and film community should not stab each other, stress each other, undermine or in other way, no matter the reason, cause harm.

We are here to heal, to collaborate, to create art, to entertain, to inform and to encourage personal and project growth, success and be there for each other.

For those who attack, scam, seek self gain or who feel they need to "unseat", "trash" or in other ways gain at the expense of others, I have to ask...

Have you ever been a part of the creative community? Have you ever benifited from its love, its nurturing, its comarery and the very real fabric of collaborate art and creation?

I know what it meant to have other actors, crew and family to support me in the times when I needed support. To be there, just as I am for them.

Be there and be a part of the heart and soul of the creative world that keeps our world sane, entertained and informed. Be open to others and be there for each other.

-Art Lynch

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