Sunday, December 8, 2013

Your help requested...(personal)

I am always seeking opportunity.

As with all of us the economy is shifting, and I need to shift with it.

I am open to opportunity, change and growth. 

I am open to a full time commitment, whether it be to acting or a single employer.

My primary experience leads to a search for opportunities in acting, voice over, casting, advertising, marketing, journalism, education and other industry related areas.

I do have a solid employment and experience record in the fields of entertainment, information, education, broadcasting, journalism, marketing and non-profits.

I have ample theater, film and commercial experience ranging from actor and voice work to producer and director, script supervisor and grip to writer and coach.

I earned an MA in Communication, have many post graduate hours in theater, public affairs and other areas, and am awaiting a approval on my PhD dissertation draft in Education.

In addition to 17 years of continuous service on the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, I have taught acting on a continuous basis for over 20 years (10 years full time), been an adjunct at the College of the Southern Nevada for 14 years, the Sunday voice for Nevada Public Radio (News 88-9) for over a decade, and have posted this blog daily for over four years. I have been a broadcast reporter and news director, feature writer, and wire reporter. I am an associate professor (part time) at the University of Phoenix, and have taught at Everest College. My wife and I ran A Personal Vision / Creative Communications Marketing for 14 years. I am in my fifth year on the Board of Directors of the Dam Short Film Festival. I also put a heavy commitment into the formation of the 31ers Educational Outreach Program.

Verifiable skills include: acting, writing, voice over, teaching, journalism, broadcaster, communication consultant, public speaker, non-profit and volunteer management, directing, producing, artistic director, marketing, advertising (all aspects), voice (singing), professionalism, loyalty, compassion, commitment.

Feel free to contact me or to pass my qualifications along to others who you may be interested in putting my talents, experience and drive to work for them.

Thank you;

Art Lynch
(702) 455-1067 / 682-0469

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