Saturday, September 28, 2013

AFLAC! Membership Has its Benefits

SAG-AFTRA members and franchised agents who may be in the market for supplemental insurance are now eligible to receive the lowest rates Aflac offers on various supplemental insurance options — just one of many benefits union members enjoy.

Unlike health insurance, Aflac pays cash benefits when a triggering health event occurs, which can help with things major medical insurance doesn’t pay, like mortgage payments, rent, groceries, car payments or other bills and expenses. Aflac will pay cash benefits regardless of any other insurance coverage, and is available to all SAG members and franchised agents, regardless of qualification for other insurance programs. Call Aflac’s toll-free line at (800) 788-4031 for more information.

You can find plenty of other moneysaving deals and special offers at

Log on and check out the Deals and Discounts tab to learn more.

The union  does not endorse any particular insurance agency, carrier, coverage, plan or product. You should review the terms of all coverage carefully and evaluate each carrier using your independent judgment.

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