Friday, August 30, 2013

Why badmouth others? Avoid those who do.

I have often written not to judge a coach, teacher or school by how they fluff their feathers, teir IMDB or how they dress, or anything else besides how they benefit you and how they allow you to be your own person and grow through their class and the other students in a class.
I know what and who Sharry is writing about. I have received the hate mail she is talking about just because I teach at Sharry's studio. I have read it on line. I have students who have been influenced in ways I would never approve of by the person she is referring to. It is their choice, and their career. I am posting this, slightly edited as an overall comment on the market and some of the players you should stay diligent to avoid or why you should take things with a very large grain of salt.
-Art Lynch 

The item below was first pubished August 6, 2012
I usually don't speak out about any negative issues that go on in my life or business, I stay positive and feel I should be encouraging my friends and family. I have to share a story with my face book family.

I had to let go of an employee about 4 to 5 months ago for unethical business practices. I did it quietly so I would embarrass this individual. I am so proud of my business and passion in helping artist flourish and prosper. This mad man is trying to make my life miserable by slander my good name with lies. The stories this person comes up with are 100% false and anyone who has spent any time with me would know how I am as a person.

Can I get this off my chest!! You spend so much time spreading your hate and lies because you caused the effect of your unethical business practices.. everything you have spread about me are reflections of yourself. I have numerous text, emails that have been sent to me by friends that you sent to stating you are out to ruin me. You are sick in the head... stop obsessing about what I or my family do... you are obviously a sad soul, surrounded by a dark cloud. You do it to yourself. Grow... up... stop spreading lies about me and using your fake names. Your criminal record speaks for itself. Stop scamming people and stealing their money.. stop trying to pitch yourself with your work.. stoop pointing fingers and saying negative comments because you can't do it yourself, stop acting like a cult leader and controlling artist, they are trying to flourish and prosper, not being held back!! Move on with your life or try to create one. Your a pretty creative person with all your story telling. I don't usually express my feelings this way, but I felt the need too.

Artist, film makers, actors, writers,photographer... keep flourishing and prosper, let go of negative energy in your life, stay focused and most important keep creating your art!!! Show the world and share your work.. there are going to be haters out there.. but remember your HATERS ARE YOUR MOTIVATORS!! Like I always say Have an amazingly creative day...

Try to change.. you need to change your negative thoughts, you would be in a much happier place in life.

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