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Casting Call Entertainment, where I teach on Fridays

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Casting Call Entertainment
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     Unlimited Monthly Classes

         On-Camera Class 
              Art Lynch   
            Friday nights from 

Art Lynch brings to Casting Call Entertainment his considerable and varied background in theater, film, television, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, journalism and education. 

Lynch is on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild, he is also the past president of the Nevada Branch for the Screen Actors Guild.

Phil Valentine
Monday Nights
from 6-8pm

Phil Valentine has been in the entertainment business for over thirty years, beginning as an actor in 1976. He performed in movies, plays and commercials worldwide. He became a producer and director in 1989 when he co-wrote, produced and directed "The Riddle" a successful murder mystery dinner theater show, which has been performed nationwide and is still running after twenty years! Phil Began writing and directing shows around the world for companies like Disney, Universal Studios, FOX, New Line Cenema, Six Flags and many others. After writing the very successful Fox Family Original Movie, "Ice Angel," Phil was hired to produce the independent film "Siren" which led him to write and direct the independent sitcom pilot "Gags" as well as other independent films. Phil became a performance coach teaching, not only actors, but salesmen, lawyers and other business executives how to become better public speakers and presenters in a seminar based on his book. His book and seminar are believed by some to be one the move intensive and original techniques on performing today. Most recently Phil has become an award winning filmmaker with Sandance Pictures as the writer, producer and director of the critically acclaimed documentary "Who Will Stand." 
Every Class will be taught around a different subject, from "How to overcome THE FEAR, Acting Techniques, how to land the Call Back, and monologue development PLUS Much more!" 
So come check out this great acting class that will push you to suceed in this industry. 

   Commercial On-Camera Class  
            Scottie Scott 
             Tuesday Nights from
Scottie Scott has been acting, dancing, and performing since she was very little. Scottie signed with her first agent whenshe was sixteen years old, and has been working professionally ever since. Scott now works full time as a professor of acting, directing,  voice, speech, and production management at the
Art Institute of Las Vegas.     

Slating, camera framing, blocking, 
audition etiquette, brake down the
script, and play the rhetorical devices
in the script.

New Improv Show
Wednesday Nights from 

Improv Audition Challenge was                  
created by Mike Krasner, a stand        
up comic, and John Gilligan, with
one idea in mind. Make Improv 
something that anyone could do.
Simple concept-and it's turned into the Arts Districts longest running improv show. Now in it's second year, the reviews are amazing. Contestants audition
for a future spot on the show, but they do it in
front of a live audience.  The audience helps decide who comes back the following week as a Featured Contestant, appearing with the professionals. They have  
contracted with Casting Call Entertainment to show everyone-Improv should be FUN. The definition of true improv is to create something off the top of your head, and act it out on the spot. Easy and fun. 

Prizes handed out to the winners at Casting Call Entertainment.

      Method Acting Class
            Scottie Scott 
          Thursday nights from 

Scottie Scott has been acting, dancing, and performing since she was very little. Scott signed with her first agent when she was sixteen years old, and has been working professionally ever since. Scott now works full time as a professor of acting, directing, voice, speech, and production management at the Art Institute of Las Vegas.                

Sharry Flaherty 
Marketing, Acting and Goal Setting Class
Saturdays from 
3:30 to 5:30
Cost: Free for Casting Call Students 
General Public: $25 at door

I am so very fortunate to be in a business where
here my goal allows me to help others reach theirs! Seeing brilliant talent, aspiring actors, directors and writers is an inspiration and Casting Call has allowed me to mentor and help nourish those who are honing their craft. I've come to know the industry, the pitfalls and the marketing aspects of it, like the proverbial "back of my hand". 

This knowledge has resulted in opening my second office, out in Beverly Hills, now in its third year. The expansion into more consulting and marketing will increase the opportunities available to the enormous amount of talent currently with Casting Call, which has enjoyed continued success in Las Vegas since its inception in January 2009. 

The overall range of available resources will further enable young talent to reach their potential and will provide the tools and platform necessary to strategically approach their future and, hence, their success.

As President/Owner of Dark Water Productions,
I work in close conjunction with my other company, Casting Call, to expand the horizons of talent I thrive on finding both here in Las Vegas and L.A. I work developing their portfolios, demo reels, cover letters, head shots, resumes - the entire package. 

I am both a film producer and writer and facilitate industry seminars in both Las Vegas and L.A. I have written and produced the full-length film "Ominous", which was distributed worldwide in Feb. 2011. I have produced more than 27 short films in the past 16 months alone, while being honored with numerous awards, the most recent being my latest short "Spare Change" which won "15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival" in Florida for Best Horror  Film. Currently, I am developing two full length films "Trepidation" and "Gold Brick" in  partnership with L.A. Producer Bob Burris. 

My passion lies in the industry and one I am lucky enough to share with aspiring talent looking for the edge they need to be on the right path to their success. With my experience, background and ethics, Casting Call is here to be the catalyst that accelerates talent and opportunity in the right direction. There is no end to what we can do together!

About Us
Casting Call Entertainment is a full service entertainment company who helps actors to gain control over their art, teaching them to rely on their own imagination, instincts and creative choices. Our classes which include scene study, cold reading, audition techniques, improvisation, and  film classes produce confident actors who bring an original voice to every production. Along with our sister production company Dark Water Productions we create short films and full-length features to showcase our talent. Our studio gives you the knowledge every aspiring artist needs to be successful in the entertainment industry. For more information or if you would like to join our studio please call us at (702)-369-0400.

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