Thursday, September 25, 2014

John Armond Acting Academy

"When somebody studies with me, they're not studying with someone who's a student of a student of a student, I am a direct link to the masters." -John Armond

John Armond Actor's Studio is the premiere acting class in Las Vegas. It will prepare you for a career in the entertainment industry by training you in all aspects of the craft. John Armond is not only a veteran teacher but a professional working actor. His goal is to provide aspiring actors with the tools they need to be natural and confident in front of a camera or audience. He strongly encourages you to audit his class and see if it's a fit for you!
Editor Note: I worked as a fellow teacher and coach with John for over a decade at John Robert Powers and Kim Flowers Academy. He inspires young talent and knows how to turn a novice into an experienced cold reader and skilled at auditioning. He does share all of his knowledge and skill gleaned through years of study with the masters  and work in both Hollywood and New York. Classes are on the near west side of Las Vegas.  -Art Lynch

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