Sunday, August 31, 2014

Auditions are like workouts

The Actors Voice: Treating auditions like workouts will save your sanity, my friends. There are no "bad" workouts, because even those that don't drive us to peak performance still help us toward our ultimate goal: better fitness. And even those "bad" auditions 
are just a part of building toward a 
lifetime of relationships with potential collaborators. Huh? Yeah, really! Read all about it over at Actors Access. And tweet to share, here. (And now I'm off to my pole private, here in NYC. Woo!)

The Gift
From the Archives: Since we're on the topic of auditions, let's not only look at the audition as a workout, but also your every performance as a gift you share with the world. Letting go of attachment to how any gift is received is a wonderful thing! To wit, my columns are my gift for you. :) Yes, I love hearing that you enjoy them, but I share them with you, irrespective of how they're received. All the same, the comments are open to you, for feedback, here. And, as always, tweets are nice too.

Not much news from me today, as I'm saving it for Thursday's quarterly 'zine version of the BonBlast, packed with fun shares, mini-columns, and lovely drawings from new mom Chari Pere (CONGRATULATIONS, CHARI AND ELI!), so, I'll just use this space to say, OMG, I'm loving New York, I'm having a blast working with actors on SMFA here, and the awesome events with SAG Foundation start up tonight and flow through the week. Yay! Okay, I'm off to my pole private with Aerial Amy! ***squeeeee*** Time to fly! (Oh, here's a bit of news for LA-based ladies: The Pole Garage opened up another pole teaser for October 20th. Lemmeknow if you wanna come fly with me at my home away from home.)

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