Friday, September 27, 2013

Heath Coverage for all SAG-AFTRA members and our agents

Memberships has its benefits...

As you may recall, almost two years ago legacy SAG began an effort to secure personal health insurance options for franchised agents, and subsequently, members. Post-merger, this program has been expanded to include all talent agencies franchised by SAG-AFTRA as well as all 165,000+ members of SAG-AFTRA.

The Aflac (indemnity) portion of this program for both agents and members rolled out some time ago, and the health insurance for agents had a soft launch last month, to a very warm and positive reception from agents. I am very pleased to advise that the SAG-AFTRA member “health mart” website is now active and is available to the membership through the member section of the SAG-AFTRA website. 

Obviously, we are very excited about providing this one-stop online shop for health insurance options that we believe will best suit members’ needs (including not only health, but also medicare supplement, long term care, dental, and other options). There is also an option to speak by phone with Marsh representatives at a US-based call center who can assist with questions or special needs. We plan to announce the program’s availability through various SAG-AFTRA communication tools, including the press release you will find below this message.

It is important that if you talk about this option to other members, that you recall what benefits this program provides and what its limitations are. The health mart website does not provide discounted rates. For legal reasons that I am happy to explain upon request, these types of health insurance offerings are subject to state by state regulation, and the insurers are required to comply with the rate schedules filed with and approved by state regulators. Nonetheless, we believe the benefits of easy access to screened options make the program a valuable member benefit.     

By contrast, the Aflac indemnity (group accident/incident) SAG-AFTRA negotiated insurance program provides significantly advantageous rates and reduced underwriting for those members who may be interested.

Many thanks and congratulations to Zino Macaluso who has been the driving force behind the development and implementation of this program. And, should you have any questions or need additional details, please don’t hesitate to contact Zino at (323) 549-6729 or

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