Saturday, September 28, 2013


Before we get started today, my thanks to Judi Levine, producer of The Sessions, for her insightful and informative series regarding the film's path from concept to completion to Sundance winner to possible Academy Award contender. I also thank all 32'ers who left remarks or asked questions in the comments section. As you might imagine, with so much hype surrounding the film, Judi is one busy woman these days. But Part III of her saga is forthcoming.

Today, we welcome a 50-year veteran of the acting trade, and one hell of a talented individual, Bobby Reed. Bobby, to me, exemplifies everything that's right about being a creative. You would think after so much time plying his trade, he might take things for granted, rest on his laurels, count on his numerous industry connections to hand him roles. Man, you'd be dead wrong. Bobby treats each day as if he's seeking his first role. His enthusiasm, positive nature, and relentless pursuit of happiness - and in this story acting = happiness - is as inspiring as it gets.

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Richard Botto
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