Saturday, September 28, 2013

When people see me act, their opinion of me changes.

Funny how many do not know I am an actor...

That I can act and am quite good at it.

But then everyone has a different view of what is good. I based mine on my training in Chicago and in my working with actors on many levels.

I am looking for help to earn money with my acting chops and my voice in 2013. Real money would be nice. So I guess I am asking for leads, active marketing and guidance.

I had recent opportunities to show my talents, but for the most part I keep it under a bushel.

Trained in Chicago, with a degree in acting and stage experience there.

A thesis short of an MA in Theatre from UNLV.

A PhD in education which included a theatre focus.

Studied in Chicago, California and here.

Started and/or ran theater companies.

Co-owned a marketing company for over a decade.

Produced and/or directed over 1,600 commercials and industrials.

Coaching actors for more than 30 years, over a decade of that full time.

Seventeen years on the National Board of SAG, with a year of alternate prior to that.

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