Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Are you using the tools available?

There are tools available for actors that did no exist ten or twenty years ago.

Use Netflix and similar services to study the differences and similarities in ways of telling and portraying the same story and characters.

I recently watched the BBC and Swedish versions of the detective series Wallender, the Netflix and BBC versions of "House of Cards." Interesting interpretations on the same character, the same basic stories an the realities of police work in Sweden. Both actors are at the top of their craft and well known in the international film, television and stage arena.

Many ways to look at how differing actors, cultures and filmmakers tackle the same material are there to see, study and learn from.

Full scripts and sides are to be had where once you had to go to a major theatre or film city library or drive to a bookstore in those cities to find material to read and use.

Video preservation of live theatre performances, workshops, lectures and other tools are there for the actor to use.

So, are you using them?

Are you constantly studying, practicing your craft, learning and growing as an artist?

The tools are there.

And they number far more than indicated in this short post.

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