Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chicago Newspaper pays tribute to "Jubilee!"

The grand finale of “Jubilee!” — the “heavenly stairway to the stars” is a dazzling homage to the “Ziegfeld Follies.”

They are ambassadors of all things Las Vegas. With their statuesque figures, elaborate feathered headdresses and bejeweled costumes, showgirls are part of the very fabric of this city.
And they are a vanishing breed.
As the longest-running production show in the history of Las Vegas, “Jubilee!” remains true to Arden’s original 1981 concept. That means the showgirls perform topless in some of the numbers (there is a family-friendly, “covered” show at 7:30 p.m. Saturdays), as this was de rigueur for these shows back in the day. The feeling of wearing those costumes, or lack of them, and the headdresses, is unlike any other stage experience a dancer will ever know, Palm said. And it takes a lot of talent and hard work to carry it off — literally.


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