Monday, May 5, 2014

In 'The Searchers,' A Hunt For The Western Film


Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin speaks with Glenn Frankel, author of The Searchers which explores the making of the classic Western film.

A new book explores the truth behind the John Ford - John Wayne movie, and the Texas myth that has grown from that story and the novel the movie is based on.

A violent time in history, with hatred, prejudice and tall men in tall saddles are presented in the 1950's film, and in many films over the past 60 years, each building on the previous one, and filtered by our current times and culture.

The book also reveals the way we tell stories and how we change the story as our culture and our times change. Each generation recreates, embroiders, changes details and if needed, the facts, to fit our own needs and sensibilities.

We tell stories to explain or understand ourselves.

It's how history goes from fact to fiction back to reinterprited fact and again back to fiction, as we build our own view of history and of our own morals and beliefs. 

John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Ward Bond, Vera Miles, Natalie Wood

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