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Kim Flowers

I coached and taught acting full time for Kim Flowers for a dozen years. The reason I remained is simple. She has integrity and really believes in talent. Kim Flowers taught self confidence, poise, passion and acting not just for the professionals she groomed, but also the skills that are needed in life, in business and in society. I highly recommend her work and her tutelage. 

 -Art Lynch

Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ - Develop Your Talent

“I have owned and operated talent school franchises for the past ten years, and now have established my own talent development academy. My academy will streamline our efforts and present students and clients with new, exciting opportunities. Upon researching collegiate drama departments and other talent schools, I truly believe we provide a more comprehensive curriculum. I can also introduce students and clients to leading Hollywood casting directors and agents,” Flowers said.
Kim Flowers giving a presentation
“The Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ does not focus solely on talent development. We provide a full lifestyle curriculum designed to build self-esteem in students. Secondly, Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ is only part of what I have to offer. I also guide the careers of clients through Kim Flowers Management™,” added Flowers.
Kim Flowers has put together the Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™, a place for students to develop, grow and obtain the tools that will allow them to prepare themselves for auditions and take them to the next level of their career, while also preparing them for life.
Kim Flowers leading a discussion
“Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ recognizes the needs and desires of the entire range of those interested in the entertainment industry with courses at the novice, aspiring and accomplished levels,” Flowers said.
You don’t just walk into the Academy and start taking classes blindly. Flowers tests you to see what level you are at and places you accordingly at either the novice, aspiring or accomplished level.
Flowers takes on all ages and all walks of life. Flowers takes the view that no matter where you are in your life, it is never too late to try something new. If this is something you want to try, Flowers will help you give it a shot or if you are close to your goal and maybe just need that little something extra to get you over the top, this is the place to take that final step.
In addition to placing you by level coming in, Flowers has set up her academy to provide her students with training in every aspect of the entertainment industry including;

Acting: The student explores both screen and stage acting.
Modeling: This will allow the student to develop professionalism, style and self confidence.
Singing: Students learn the fundamentals, such as; breathing, pitch, vibrato and focusing on performance so they can succeed at singing on the stage or recording in a studio.
Dance: All forms of dance are covered, including; hip-hop, modern and jazz.
Self-Design: This will lead you to being successful in whatever area you choose using unique confidence-building techniques that will teach you to achieve your goals.

Kim's client AJ Trauth
There may not be a tougher industry to break into other than entertainment, and that is why you need a competitive edge. Flowers offers individuals not only the chance to learn from and benefit from her experience (both as an entertainer and as an instructor) but, just as important, to benefit from her relationships in the industry.
What sets Flowers apart from other similar schools are her 35 years in the business and all of her extensive high-profile contacts she has made along the way. Flowers has relationships with casting directors and talent agents including; Joey Paul Jensen, Harriet Greenspan, Paul Weber, Joseph Middleton and Christian Kaplan. She also works with some of the top fashion agencies including; Next, Elite, NY and LA Models Fashion. You may not recognize every name here, but if you want to have the chance to be seen by some of the leading agents in this field, these certainly are some of the most respected names in the industry.
Kim Flowers student Conner Rayburn
Flowers ability to develop and get the most of her students has paid off for many individuals. One of her acting students, Conner Rayburn, just landed a starring role in the Walt Disney Pictures film Old Dogs, featuring John Travolta, Robin Williams, Matt Dillon and Kelly Preston. Rayburn began as a student of Flowers in April of 2004 and wasted no time before succeeding. In the fall of 2004, he landed a commercial for Net Zero Internet Services. In the same year, Conner auditioned for the ABC hit show “According to Jim” and won the part of Jim Belushi’s son Kyle.
Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™
Flowers represents a number of other very successful individuals including; Jessica Miller, the third highest ranked supermodel in the world; AJ Trauth from Disney’s “Even Stevens,” and Sean Patrick Flaherty, who starred with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Camp Kids.
The entertainment industry may or may not be your calling, and even if  you don’t come away with a starring role somewhere, the Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ will provide you with self-esteem, improved life skills and you will be more prepared to achieve your goals and succeed in life.
“I get letters from parents telling me how it has changed their kid’s lives and how it has improved their self-esteem,” Flowers said. “Everyone has a great time, its fun and yet you are learning at the same time.”
For more information on Kim’s parent company, Kim Flowers International™, Kim Flowers Talent Development Academy™ and Kim Flowers Management™.

First published February 7, 2012 (dated material)

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