Sunday, August 25, 2013

Study the style...Bruce Henderson

I have such wonderful students this semester! The eight students in my Antigone seminar did solo performances--and many had never performed before, and certainly none had done Greek tragedy. They all engaged with the power of that ancient play in different, extremely insightful ways. My beginning performance of lit did workshops of poetry by cummings and some of them demonstrated a sophisticated sense of voice, prosody, tone, and language that is superior to some graduate classes I have known. And in the Metafiction seminar, we bounced back and forth between Gide's counterfeiters, codes of writing queer desire in a pre-Stonewall literary era, Gossip Girls as social network narrative, masturbation, and the Boy Scout Manual. And, in all three classes, they showed uniformly high respect for their fellow students, for the texts, and for the endeavor itself. Who could ask for anything more?

Editor Note: I went to high school with Dr. Henderson. I was in the cast of the first play he ever did, an Oak Park-River Forest High School Summer Musical production of "Oliver". He was the town crier, I played the mortician Henry Sowerberry (yes I was thin). Bruce Henerson teaches theatre and communication at Ithica College.

-Art Lynch

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