Monday, September 30, 2013

Why this blog is pro-union yet posts pre-union and community material

This blog is not affiliated with SAG-AFTRA but applauds the members of both unions for voting to merge into one union. 

While pro-union, this blog provides information and opportunities for those in all levels of their craft, including the full range of professions now covered by the merged union. is for all talent from those who are simply curious to those who are studying their crafts, from those who prefer community projects to those who are pursuing a full career.

This blog encourages union membership to all who seek to be a part of their professions, and reminds those who call themselves union "eligible" that that means you are not ready and should not use the name of any union in your self promotion, headshots and materials. When you are ready, when you feel ready to make the commitment, join the union.

Links and lessons scan all the way down, slowly. Full disclaimer and some tips on safe use scan to the bottom.

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