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Film Lexicon: Study film and acting by studying the best

Building A Film Lexicon
Expand your viewing to include films worth watching for acting, interpretation, because Hollywood refers to them and as the base for building an understanding of roles, films and the society the art form reflects. Use these films. Add them to your bag of tricks. Also stay current on film releases and television program trends.
A Partial List of Films Worth Adding
To Your Experience Bag of Tricks

See Also AFI Top 100 (click here). 
See Also 2011 Award Season Links (for current)
Top 232 Movies by theater attendance (not box office)
For the complete list from the British Film Institute click here.

Click read more below to review several lists and consider films to branch our your tools as an actor, 
a fan or a member of this industry. Click "read more" below to continue. 
True Grit (both versions)
Hurt Locker
Young Frankenstein
Pride of the Yankees
The King's Speech
Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail

Lifeboat (Hitchcock)
Down and Out in Beverly Hills                                          Tucker
McCabe and Mrs. Miller                                                     All The President’s Men
Citizen Kane                                                                          3 Days of the Condor
The Color of Money                                                             High Noon
My Friend Flicka                                                                  My Darling Clemintine
North by Northwest                                                             Stagecoach
The Birds                                                                               Manchurian Candidate
Harry and Tonto                                                                  Harold and Maude
King and I                                                                             South Pacific
Anna and The King                                                             Murder at 1600
Inherit the Wind                                                                   Boogie Nights
How the West Was Won                                                    Hairspray (both versions)
Raising Arizona                                                                    Midnight Cowboy
Raisin in the Sun                                                                   The Graduate
Lilies of the Fields                                                                Turner and Hooch
Barbarians at the Gate                                                         Kid Glove Killer
Toys                                                                                       Finian’s Rainbow
Dave                                                                                       Eye in the Night
Maltese Falcon                                                                      King Kong
Dr. Zhivago                                                                          Gone with the Wind           
Titanic                                                                                    The Lady Eva
Click on "read more" below to see the rest of this starter list.
list generated in 2002. AFI 100 lists also recommended (but not all are must see's).

All About Eve                                                                       The Jack Bull
Alien                                                                                       Mad Max
Rosemary’s Baby                                                                 Indiscreet
Gunga Din                                                                             Truman
Beetlejuice                                                                             Drop Dead Fred
Reds                                                                                       My Girl
ET                                                                                           The Dead Zone
Avalon                                                                                   Atlantic City
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir                                                   Wait Until Dark
Dial M for Murder                                                               The Barefoot Countesses
The Fly                                                                                   Gettysburg
Planet of the Apes                                                                Rocky
Mother Night                                                                       Gun Ho
My Dinner with Andre                                                       Inherit the Wind
Absolute Power                                                                   The Time Machine
Weapons of Mass  Distraction                                           The Day  of the Jackal
Lost in America                                                                    LA Confidential
The Fisher King                                                                    Jerry McGuire
Under Siege                                                                          Urban Cowboy
Saturday Night Fever                                                         Airplane
Time After Time                                                                   Shampoo
Brigadoon                                                                             On Golden Pond
A Streetcar Named Desire                                                  The Natural
The Bells of St. Mary                                                            Going My Way
Metropolis                                                                             Field of Dreams
Bird                                                                                         Angels in the Outfield
Heaven Can Wait                                                                Here Comes Mr. Jordan
A League of Their Own                                                      Chinatown
Ed Wood                                                                               HotShots!
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean                            The Guns of Navarone
Sleepless in Seattle 
All of Me                                                                               A Night at the Opera
Psycho                                                                                   The Princess Bride
A Fist Full of Dollars                                                           For a Few Dollars More
The Seventh Cross                                                               Torra! Torra! Torra!
Prizzi’s Honor                                                                      The Doors
The Wrong Man                                                                   The Dirty Dozen
Dracula                                                                                  Frankenstein
Destination Tokyo                                                               30 Seconds over Tokyo
Is Paris Burning                                                                    12 O’Clock High
The Dirty Dozen                                                                  The Firm
Crocodile Dundee                                                                The Sun Also Rises
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison                                               Battleground
They Died With Their Boots On                                        The Bedford Incident
Mr. Roberts                                                                           Wayne’s World
The Love Bug                                                                       Flubber (original)
Santa Fe Trail                                                                        Gattica
Lawrence of Arabia                                                             Raiders of the Lost Arc
The Thing                                                                              Caccoon
Ghostbusters                                                                         Meet John Doe
Network                                                                                Apocolypse Now
Potempkin                                                                            The Jazz Singer
All’s Quiet On The Western Front                                     Birth of a Nation
The Day the Earth Stood Still                                             Blade Runner
Forbidden Planet                                                                 Star Wars
Dark City                                                                             " M " (highly recommended)
Cloud Atlas

And the list goes on….

          Also suggested are the AFI Top 100 Motion Pictures of All Time, The Academy of 
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences list of nominated films from the very beginning of the 
Oscars and additional lists by Leonard Malton and other film reviewers or historians. 
Feel Free to e-mail additional suggestions and why you think they are essentials for
 actors and film history (Michael, as I said, write a book).

From February 6, 2011. Note this list is changing all the time. Do not look at BOX OFFICE 
as the numbers can be cooked and changed, money changes value, and because 
something makes money does not make it worth studying. Look at critics, other actors 
preferences, directors choice lists, art film success stories, actual bodies attending
other elements in making your own decisions. - Art Lynch

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