Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unofficial May National Board Report pt 1


(First posted 5-22-13)

A position on the National Board is not a prize, a reward or something to inflate an ego. The Guild is not a club or a social group. It is not the conservatory or any single or group of services and events hosted by the branch. SAG-AFTRA is a union.

Wages, working conditions, health, safety, the protection of talent and services to help talent in a wide range of ways. There is room for everyone on committees, local councils, national committees, work groups and task forces. There is room to participate and contribute without holding formal office or job title.

The position of National Board Director is a fiduciary position, responsible for the financial well being and protection of the union and the membership. It is a legal position in a California non-profit corporation with international reach. .

Members of the board cannot directly provide jobs, services or income for the membership. 

Being on the board takes time from family, employment opportunities, career and home.
But it is worth it if you are driven by the need to serve others.
I serve because I care and I believe in Nevada talent, in the Screen Actors Guild and in unions.

There is not a meeting I attend where the needs of the Nevada membership are not put front and center.
I serve, without pay or compensation, because I can put my full professional and personal experience to work for you, the membership, and not only keep Nevada strong, but help to build a solid future for the Nevada Branch and all Nevada talent.

What is accomplished is the work of many individuals, working together, and the staff who works for the membership, based on trust, relationships, needs and shared vision.

There have been rough waters, with political infighting, widely differing visions and plans, and conflict reported and inflated in the media. As a vet of an almost three day continuous meeting, of caucus and committees, task forces and individual projects, I have earned my place in leadership and my voice is heard, for Nevada and the membership.

I became involved in the union not for ego or the perception of power, or because I felt I was entitled. I was drafted to serve the membership. I became involved because I was asked to join the council and later to run, unopposed, for vice president. The president resigned, so by Nevada local rules I became Branch President. I joined the board of directors when our national board member landed a great acting position has stepped down from the board. I have served since, at the will of the membership. It is my hope that in  this election the members will choose to return experience at this time of rapid change.

My dad was a unionist, as was my grandfather and great grandfather. When he passed away there were hundreds of people my mom and I had never met at his funeral. They were his union brothers and sisters.

My family and its belief in organized labor and the need for unions goes back several generations to the Haymarket Square riots in Chicago.

I know it may not be popular, but I do believe tha twithout strong unions we would not earn the pay, benefits and protections unions provide.
Please send any questions or comments to my attention through SAG @ (it will be forwarded to our representatives).


Art Lynch

SAG-AFTRA National Board Director

(Unofficial, not approved by or
agreed to by SAG-AFTRA, written
as an individual.


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