Friday, June 27, 2014

Charlie Di Pinto views on Nevada Conservatory

    Exposure, the ability to be seen by the public is a terrific advantage for an actors career and our Union is made up of actors who would like an opportunity to get involved given the chance.  The time has come for a new person to take over the Nevada Conservatory.

    Our current chairperson was appointed to that position twelve years ago by the president at the time.  The chairman serves at the pleasure of the president and the current chairman and president are one in the same and it doesn't appear the current chairman is willing to share the spotlight.  In addition to this line of thinking the president said she would only run for one term only, need I say more.

    It is time to correct this no win situation for fellow union members who wish to become involved with the union and appoint a new chairperson  The current administration seems to believe the spotlight is only meant for one.

In unity and fairness,

Charlie Di Pinto

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