Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The "mistake" of not making money

I have made the "mistake" of never working for money.

Sure I earned a low to modest living, as an actor, in voice work, in journalism, as a broadcaster, suffering from cheep clients in marketing, and up until the governor cut the budget in January 2008, as a full time professor, but that isn't why I did the work. 

My motivation was always the craft and what it could do for others. Starting theater companies or troops, directing teens in "Godspell" when I was 22 to introducing children to theater as a Viking or a Chef with Rainbow Company, entertaining or informing with my talents and skills and always giving back to the community.

Sound self serving? It really isn't, as I sit here with millions of others suffering in this dream crushing recession, long after it was allegedly over.

I teach college when I can, act when the opportunity arises, teach acting, am on the air on Sundays at Nevada Public Radio and find whatever other income I can.

I put in many hours without pay serving union members in the SAG-AFTRA, including co-chairing national committees, networking and using what rhetorical skills I have to move things in Nevada's favor.

I really did pursue acting for the craft and the relationship with the audience and society. Remember, at my age, the focus was social and political commentary with art playing a key role in reflecting and altering the overall society.

Lots of theater for change, for social comment, for education, for entertainment and to capture the imaginations of children and adults.

Over the past few years I have done ulta-low and student films under SAG contracts, one-man plays and Chautauqua, small parts that did not conflict with teaching, and coached both actors and those who wanted to learn to present speeches or be in front of audiences.

Journalism and broadcasting find their root in my desire to teach and inform, providing audiences with what they need to know, both for their own interests and to ensure civil participation and responsibility. From the start my radio and broadcasting experience has been rooted in community service (thank you, John Wenstrom).

So it is that this and my other blog, and a web site still under construction (worlds slowest contractor.) I approach these the same way I do acting, voice work, radio, television, commercial production (part of my past but very rewarding when I did produce and direct), SAG-AFTRA service and now teaching. It is here, offered free of charge or hidden motive, as a service using my background in the industry, in journalism and in education. My goal is to keep them useful, current and informative.

I do it for service. 

I put in hours each day.

I do not earn or ask a dime.

I find that as long as I can make bills, and climb out of this post-recession holes (eventually, with the help of my loving wife Laura), there is nothing I regret. I have and hope to continue to help others, to touch lives and be blessed and changed by those I work with, meet or do business with.

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