Monday, September 29, 2014

There is Experienced Talent outside of Los Angeles, including Nevada~!!!

I thought we were supposed to be a National union. I'm troubled by the following statement and am interested in what others think.

“We have the industry’s most skilled labor pool here in California, [...] in front and behind the camera. And when producers go outside of State lines to other locales, they are not only losing out on a large concentration of experienced and talented actors, dancers, and singers, but specialized craftsmen [...] whose talent and experience cannot be replicated by inexperienced workers that are new to the trade. SAG-AFTRA and other unions, guilds, and industry partners have been working to stem the tide of productions leaving our State.” -Stacey Travis SAG-AFTRA

In class last Friday night a student told me that there was no longer SAG in Nevada...they said the union left. That is the impression going around and it is a false one. We have a strong SAG-AFTRA local made up of local members who work locally and do not cross the line and violate Rule One by working non-union. We lost a fantastic executive in Steve Clinton. We lost the office in his home. But we are still union and we are still in Nevada, and still have a voice on the national union, a national board director seat I am running for relection to continue to represent all talent in Nevada!

The attitude that "Film LA" (which is not a union organization, but one that started with the production community in LA) has is that any production outside of Greater Los Angeles is "run-away" production. This attitude and belief has taken hold among many closed minded union members who live in Greater Los Angeles but have forgotten what unions and unionism is all about!

We are union. SAG-AFTRA remains in Nevada. 

- Art Lynch
First published 7/6/2013

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