Sunday, January 19, 2014

Extra work on a resume? Through-line typing.

Image by Chari Pere


The Actors Voice: Well all right, beautiful people! This week's column at Actors Access is all about discovering your actor brand by examining your through-line, rather than looking at the differences in each of the roles you've played. Thank you for checking out the goods and, as always, you can tweet with a click here if you'd like to share that you're reading up! Woo!

Extra Work on an Acting Resumé?

From the Archives: Every now and then, I'm asked about the term "featured" and whether or not that's okay on a resumé. Well... it depends on what YOU mean, when you use it. Some folks get it right and others are outright lying! Do you trust that you're enough? Visit this column to check yourself. Click here for Twitter love. XO


SMFA Alumni! Thank you for your amazing responses to the SMFA Alumni survey! Reminder: Your deadline is July 31st if you'd like to be in the running for a free coaching session or the SMFA Essentials module of your choice. Rock on!
Speaking of SMFA Essentials, our module for August is now open for registration. Join us for The Actor's Web Checklist! :)
Cricket Feet, Inc., is getting into craft action. Check out Prepare To Act (with Amro and Keith) here. Woo!
Finally, if you've missed it, Gmail has redesigned your inbox! Check out this how-to to be sure you don't miss the BonBlasts. ;) (Note: There's an even better idea in the comments following the how-to share!) Thanks, y'all! See you next week. XO

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