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Jobs: National Board members cannot go out and represent themselves as the Guild with management, casting directors or secure others employment. We have to sign legal documents to that effect. But we can, and I do, talk up Nevada and Nevada talent, promote laws that will make Nevada more attractive for production, find ways to make it easier for producers to use union talent and fight for what is right for the actor, not management. In many ways it is a constant sale job.

Expansion of the zone: I have, not once but three times, successfully fought to expand the Nevada zone. We are the only background zone to expand in any of those three contracts. I have also championed increased numbers on the set, pay and benefits.

Gains in contracts: As a board member I serve on committees and am a part of gains made in contracts that mean increases in pay, numbers on the set, benefits and the continued safety of talent on the set and in protection of our images and talent. I have pushed for and achieved three expansions of Nevada's key background zone, and the addition of a commercial zone.
Contracts on-line: As web-sub national co-chair, former communications chair, co-chair or new technologies and a board member I pushed for and we have launched interactive easier to use on-line contract sites for producers. This has already resulted in roles for Nevada actors and will grow as producers find out about and use the web based services.

Hiring hall: While SAG does not allow a hiring hall, there are plans in the works to make it easier to find and hire SAG talent from local markets, including Nevada. Work on a place to post auditions and background casting is underway, as are virtual on-line alternatives. Some areas already in place, both above and under the radar. Your local board has assisted in making great strides in expanding ways to communicate with the membership. I will continue to fight at the national level for open and timely communications.

Making casting SAG members easier: We now have on-line services to make it easier for producers to find and use union talent have been projects with my full participation since day one. Database improvements, lobbying agents and casting directors, and continuing grass roots organizing will help us grow closer to a virtual hiring hall here in Nevada.

Film Incentives: I have been working with legislators to craft and pass incentives to attract production to Nevada, at the state and local levels. This year was a good start, but now we need stronger incentives to compete with California and other states for jobs and opportunities. I serve on the national legislative committee to keep Nevada high in national priorities.

Local contracts and waivers: I fight for the ability of a branch to do what is needed to gain work for our local members, with the help of my friends and allies on the board.
Right-to-Work: I am active in the national battle against right-to-work and in ways to create more union work in right-to-work states such as our own.
Actor contracts: Ways for actors to self-produce in this Internet world are in place, with others in the works.

Communication. I was a part of loosening policies to allow locals to communicate with members, including the use of Facebook, websites, Twitter, email and other resources. This includes notices of employment opportunities as well as reports, features and valuable links.


I have worked hard to make Nevada the most informed membership in the country. I have done so not for political gain, as many others might wish to, but for the gain and well being of the membership. Remember SAG-AFTRA does not pay any SAG-AFTRA members for service as officers, council, on committees or for walking picket lines and making phone calls. We do it for the good of the union and our membership.

Active branch involvement: Those who are there know that I fight for SAG-AFTRA to offer as many ways to keep the membership involved, active and working. I have launched and then passed on to others branch committees, worked with national and branch members to bring services to Nevada that traditionally have been based only in Los Angeles.

National Committee Involvement: Nevada voices are heard on more national committees than those of any other branch. With my recommendations our members serve on many national committees and task forces. I also serve on my share of committees, doing the memberships work.

I read and follow the trades, attend industry meetings and remain on top of rapid changes in the industries that impact memers, on my own dime.

Share. I maintain sevaral industry news sites and blogs, including
Networking for the membership: Instead of building a career, seeking self gain or getting star struck, I use my time to build friendships and relationship that will benefit Nevada. The branches are a team built on trust.

I have walked picket lines, been involved as a negotiator, and supported SAG-AFTRA, our members, unions and unionism all my life. At my dad's funeral hundreds of people attended whom mom and I did not even know...his brothers and sisters from the union. -Solidarity.

Vote for Art Lynch,
National Board Director representing Nevada.

I am in a position to get the job done for you!

I am asking to use my experience to build on what has been done and help a bright new Nevada union future unfold!

Allow me to continue serving.

The decision is yours.

Identity: There have been many efforts to paint all locals and all members with one brush, to force a one size fits all template on who we are and how we do business. I have been vocal in fighting for branch autonomy and identity, history and our future.
Public Relations: I have built bridges and relationships for the long term health and growth of the Nevada Branch and our membership. We gain top of mind in zone expansion and the presence of an in-state executive through friendships, handshakes and well established arguments for our needs.

Insurance: I am part of an effort to maintain SAG-AFTRA's high insurance and retirement standards, while expanding to offer insurance coverage to all SAG members.
Nevada SAG-AFTRA Conservatory: As the second chair of the Nevada SAG Conservatory, I led a team of members who built the structure and system that remains in place today, making Nevada's Conservatory the most successful and active branch conservatory in the nation.

Education and Information. I also worked with others to bring Nevada to the attention of the SAG Foundation andSAGIndie, tailoring programs for Nevada Branch members. Due in part to groundwork I was a key part of, live on-line and achieved seminars are now available from both for easy access by SAG-AFTRA members.

Communication: Locally and on a national committees, I have fought to open honest and frequent communication with the membership. From Amy Aquino to current national chair Liz Zazzi and RBD activist Mary McDonald-Lewis, there are plenty of members who will testify as to how hard I have fought for an informed Nevada Branch and our ability to meet with and communicate openly with each other.

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