Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I came on board with the Nevada SAG Conservatory less than a year after its official founding. 

I was there with Diane Thorne, Lollo Sievert, Kim Renee and many others as the chair who reorganize the Nevada SAG Conservatory into the most successful and consistant conservatory in any small branch or local, with twice as many programs as the current conservatory, a screen writers reading workshop and staged readings and tapings. Despite my history and local qualifications (with no pay, milage or room) I have not been asked to do a seminar there in over a dozen years.

When elected to the National Board I knew the work load would be high, so I passed the Conservatory on to Adrienne Mann Garcia, who ran it for ten years prior to Barbara Grant.

I did annual seminars in improvisation with Charlie DiPinto, plus cold reading, auditioning or commercial workshops on a regular basis prior to the current chair.

I have a BA in theater, am a thesis short of an MA in theatre, have an MA in Communication and a PhD in Education.

My teachers included working with Second City in Chicago, north side Chicago theater, experience as on camera and voice talent, experience as a commercial producer and director, film making experience and eighteen years of service on the National Board of Directors.

Besides seminars along the way, I have also studied with Second City, film and television celebrity Avery Schreiber, Dick "Mr. Whipple" Wilson (who also gave many seminars and years of committee work for the Nevada SAG Conservatory), Joseph Bernard of the Lee Strasberg School, BA and all but thesis MFA in Theater, and many others.

I was a member of both the Screen Extras Guild and Screen Actors Guild, earning membership in both.

I am now a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

- Art Lynch

Photo: Avery Schreiber with Kermit and Miss Pigg

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