Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Amateurs" at LVLT

Las Vegas Little Theater
Our first Mainstage Production of the Season!
by Tom Griffin

September 13 - 29, 2013
Thu/Fri/Sat at 8pm, 2nd Sat & Sundays at 2pm
A black comedy about a community theater troupe, their sense of their own inadequacies, and how they confront them.  The group of players gather for an opening night party for their latest show, a cornball musical about a family of undertakers. The more posh, and thus better attended, opening gala is across town. The local critic, long averse to reviewing amateur productions, has deigned to venture into enemy territory and make an appearance. The actors, the host and hostess, and a few other guests bring a buffet of idiosyncrasies — some inwardly directed, some outwardly — to the occasion. They get along politely enough, but when the critic suffers a heart attack and leaves his review for prying eyes to find, the buffet crashes to the floor, and what’s left is a big, ugly mess.
“…Amateurs is more than colorful balloons against a tinted sky…[it] is really about how we distance ourselves from the pain of reality…The run-on comedy…is sharp and funny…”
—Boston Globe.

**Warning - Some Adult Language**

Directed by Penni Paskett
Asst Director       Ryan Balint
Stage Manager    Evan Rainwater

Lee Meyers
David Elliott
Nathan Monroe
David Hennigar
Wayne Seabury
Anthony Avery
Jennifer Collins
Faith Radford
Irene Chilmark
Heather Silvio
Ernie Chilmark
Robert Gillmer
Mona Williams
Abby Dandy
Paul Cortland
Paul Cieslewicz

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