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Auditions for " To Topple an Empire" auditions Thursday

To Topple an Empire

Dark Water Productions is currently casting for a 30-40min short film that will be shot entirely in Las Vegas come late Winter to early Spring, 2013. It is a gritty crime drama that focuses on how far people will go to avenge their family. 
                                 Curtis Melroe

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Audition Date:
Thursday August 8th, 2013

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Casting Call Entertainment
2790 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Sides to be given at Audition. 

Recently over eighteen, Fiona is often the voice of reason and shows much more restraint when her headstrong younger brother is being reckless. She is wary of her path in life, but doesn't want her brother to face things alone in their shared quest for revenge. A crack shot, Fiona also isn't above using her looks and charm to gain the upper hand.  *Needs to be able to disguise voice with an accent, be comfortable with a male character in a very mild and brief 'make out' scene, and also be willing to wear revealing (but tasteful) clothing to lure that same male character out of a public location.

A former hitman (now in his 40s) for a crime family, he has distanced himself and raised the two children of his close, deceased friend. Over the last few years he has taught those children the tools of the trade in order to help them avenge their father, but still likes to keep them at an arm's length of danger, doing most of the dirty work himself.
The head of an established crime family, Vincent can be in his 40s-60s. With his voice and posture alone he is able to command respect. He is a businessman and is therefore very personable and talkative, but usually has ulterior motives.
The son of Vincent Donnelly, Jessie is in his 20s and is sort of your clichéd, spoiled kid who is following in his father's footsteps but doesn't seem to have a full handle on things. He has the gift of gab like his father, but always has an eye on the ladies.
A woman of who has close financial ties with a crime family, Samantha can be in her 30s-50s. She usually wears her hair up and is able to switch from a defenseless to an aggressive personality at the drop of a hat. She is cunning with an air of mystery about her and she can be easily annoyed when inconvenienced.
A foul mouthed middle-aged man who serves as the cleaner for the crime family, he is called in to dispose of any evidence. He lives alone, dresses like a slob, and doesn't keep his facial hair tidy in the least.
Nephew to Vincent Donnelly the crime boss, Richard is younger, mid-30s at most. He is rugged but handsome and flaunts his wealth and power around openly. He is an ego-maniac and a womanizer.
The right hand man of crime boss Vincent Donnelly, he is in his 30s-40s and dresses the part. Where Vincent Donnelly is a talkative and curious man, Charlie is much his opposite; a man of few words.
30s-40s, He is sort of butt of all jokes in the crime family, but is kept onboard due to his use of being handed out the tedious tasks nobody else wants to do. At first glance, you may consider him to be the muscle of the organization, and while he is certainly capable of that, he is too lazy to go much further than being an errand boy. Loves to sing along to opera music!
A flirty waitress at a restaurant, Cindy is in her early 20s and has some kind of a relationship with Vincent Donnelly's son, Jessie.
Two women who observe and laugh at a character from the comfort of their car while stopped at a red light. *Camera time, but no dialogue.

We need to emulate a house party atmosphere for a scene, so we will need anywhere from 10 to 20 extras to fill a house as characters walk through it to complete a crucial plot point.
We need someone with a street bike (preferably a street legal dirt style bike) to double a woman in her early 20s. Shots will all be in motion and from a distance so the operator can be male or female of average, preferably thin build to match the character they will be doubling.


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