Friday, August 30, 2013

Bonnie Gillespie Notes

Bonnie Gillespie <>

Just what *does* an agent look for in an actor, and HOW can you *be that* in a meaningful, authentic way? This week in my column over at Actors Access, I break it all down for you! Aren't I the sweetest? ;) Wanna tweet about my awesome column? By all means, please do!

Now *why* am I so certain that Specificity is your best friend, when it comes to really nailing down your brand (and conveying that delicious brand to the buyers you're targeting)? Because nothing creates loyalty faster than the certainty that you're gonna nail it in exactly the same (on-brand) way, Every. Single. Time. Jam with me in the comments over here, wouldja? I'd *love* to know how YOU bring Specificity to your brand and to your work as an artist.

Latest news from Team Cricket Feet:
  • The SMFA Retreat in Los Angeles on September 7th is filling up! If you'd like to join us for an intensive, one-day SMFA experience, register NOW!
  • I've been writing a lot about self-taping (and, hey, I have two breakdowns out at Actors Access *right now* in which self-taping is your way IN -- you submitted, RIGHT?!?) and our September module for SMFA Essentials is your ultimate guide to self-taping! Woo hoo!

Have any ninja tips to share? Excited about how episodic season is treating you? Any requests for future topics in my weekly bit o' inbox love? Lemme hear from you! :) Otherwise, that's it for this round! I'll be back in your inbox next week!

Many besos!

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