Sunday, August 25, 2013

"It Runs in the Family" auditions August 26 and 27.

  • Las Vegas Little Theatre announces Auditions for It Runs in the Family by Ray Cooney. Directed by David Ament.

    All roles are available.

    Dr. David Mortimore: Male 40s - 50s

    A charming and slightly pompous doctor hoping to become the head of surgery. Some physical comedy required.

    Dr. Mike Connolly: Male late 20s - 30s
    A somewhat naïve doctor full of youthful enthusiasm. Some physical comedy required.

    Rosemary Mortimore: Female 40s
    The attractive wife of Dr. Mortimore. Very upright British nature.

    Dr. Hubert Bonney: Male 40’s - 50s
    An unremarkable but enthusiastic friend of Dr. Mortimore. A lot of physical comedy required.

    Matron: Female 40s - 60s
    A classic British type head nurse. She is robust, ample, strict, a rule follower. Some physical comedy required.

    Sir Willoughby Drake: Male 60s - 70s
    The aristocratic, stern, narrow-minded Head of Surgery

    Jane Tate: Female 40s
    A very attractive nurse who visits the hospital she worked at 18 years ago. Leslie’s mother.

    Leslie Tate: Male able to play 18
    A deeply affected young man on a mission (a sensitive punk rocker)

    Sister: Female 20s
    A young nurse

    Police Sergeant: Male 40s - 50s
    A dedicated (but sometimes dim) member of London's finest

    Bill: Male 50s - 60s
    A patient with the ability to confuse everyone he meets. Some physical comedy required.

    Mother: Female 60s - 70s
    Dr. Hubert Bonney’s controlling parent

    Auditions will consist of a cold reading from the script.

    Picture and resume are requested, but not required.

    LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!

    With an abundance of misunderstandings, assumed identities and action in ‘fast forward’ mode the story starts three days before Christmas. Dr. David Mortimore is about to address a neurologists’ convention at St. Andrew’s Hospital, London that could probably earn him a knighthood, should everything run smoothly – which, of course, it doesn’t. An old flame, Jane Tate, unexpectedly appears and announces that their liaison eighteen years ago resulted in a son, Leslie, who is downstairs, all fired up and desperate to meet his dad. Frantic to hide this catastrophic news from his wife, Rosemary, and the inquisitive Chair of the Board, Sir Willoughby Drake, David is forced to invent not only one but two non-existent husbands for Jane, by enlisting the help of his two hapless colleagues, Dr. Mike Connolly and Dr. Hubert Bonney. Events are further complicated by the presence of a suspicious police sergeant, a wandering senile patient, an assortment of matrons (real and otherwise), an extra large syringe of tranquillizer that gets deposited in the real matron’s behind – as well as the costumes for the hospital pantomime.

    Performance Dates Nov 1 - 17, 2013 with performances Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. There is a Sat Matinee on the 2nd Saturday of the run.

    Call 362-7996 for more information.

3920 Schiff DriveLas Vegas, Nevada 89103

3920 Schiff DriveLas Vegas, Nevada 89103

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