Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just make sure you love what you do!

Dave Osbie Shepard 

The Important thing for a actor/actress no matter if you're Union, Non Union, Full time, Part time, Community... Etc Just make sure you love what you do a line Heavy script for a Union Actor will have to be memorized by a Non Union actor the Same way...The only difference is the Union actor will be paid and treated better than the Non Union actor... It doesn't mean the performance will be better by the actor with union status you have thousands of Union Actors/actresses who have achieve that status by Looks Alone...So I will continue to tread the boards for little or no pay Because I LOVE IT!...Seeking to achieve perfection and Realness in every Role I take...Doing it with a professional attitude even though many times professional has nothing to do with it.

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