Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marine wanted to help with Roman Empire podcast

Are you a Marine? Have you ever served in a Marine Expeditionary Force? Can you talk about (in general terms...of course) what the capabilities of such a force is for an upcoming podcast. I have interviewed a screenwriter who wrote a Screenplay called Rome...Sweet...Rome. A what-if story if an MEF travels back to Rome, and need a SME to talk about what the MEF is and what it can do in a fight. Need to prove your association, command, and I promise to respect the Marine Corps. If you are in logistics even better. If you know someone who could talk about it, please ask them if they would participate in this fun podcast I am putting together. Have them OR YOU email me at:

*I can vouch for Rob,
I have known him since 5th Grade
and we are still friends..
He will be fair on Military issues
as he is a vet himself...

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