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Seer Of The Ninth Island 
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Introducing New Web series "The Seer"  
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After 20 years in the film profession on both sides of the camera, actor SidLiufau has taken on the challenge of creating, writing, and directing the perfect   blend of Hawaiian mythology, legends, and fantasies of the past, used in modern times, in a supernatural-drama webisode set in the USA titled "Seers of the Ninth Island".   

Rich in his Polynesian heritage, who better to write their stories than someone like Sid, himself, who knows the intricacies of the Polynesian history, culture, and people.  The opportunity came when Sid shared his vision with executive producers: Jim Trent, Sharene Liufau, Caroline Sol, Larry Darnell Stokes, Sam and Dana Kuoha, along with Sharry Flaherty, Kevin Flaherty, and Ryan McMackin of Dark Water Productions.

Sid's ability to weave the Hawaiian culture spanning generations, back to the original protectors to the ancient Ili'i's (Hawaiian Chiefs), washes over the script like the waves on a paradisiacal beach. 

The completion of "Seers of the Ninth Island," is expected early in 2014.  The highly anticipated webisode will be submitted to various film festivals where audiences will see the first of its kind - world premiere of a past Polynesian supernatural story used in modern times, unfolding in this episodic drama. 

The fictional characters, expanding on the timeless war between good versus evil, acts of goodness, plots of betrayal, and the unveiling of Hawaiian fantasies, is the vehicle used;  focusing on Hawaiian sir names or spiritual Kahuna sorcery is not dealt with in-depth, nor is it vital, but it is, however, dealt with in a respectful manner. 

Sid noted much was expected of the lead character Renate Lee who, first, had to have the ability to act and, a close second, to be of mixed Hawaiian blood.  Renate's character will be the key to telling the story as a defined, "well put together youngster," growing into adulthood, dealing with her haunting past experiences and, unknown to Renate, all related to her father and his culture, a father she's never met. 

The characters are Renate Lee, played by  Ka'im'i Kuoha (Black Belt Angels); the mother, Melinda Lee, played by

Jane Park Smith (Street Warriors, The Cape); and brother, Michael Lee, played by Sean Patrick Flaherty (Not Your time, Ominous).  FBI agent Cody Toga, played by Garret Sato (Waste Land, Hawaii 5-0), is called to help his sister tell the kids who their father really was.  Hawaiian seer, and friend of their fathers, Kaipo Kamakawewaole, is played by Sid Liufau (Hawaii 5-0 & You, Me & Dupree) 

The story: After running away from paradise to Las Vegas, 17 years pass without the husband and father, Pono Kalua Kalamawaimea, being found.  Melinda wants nothing to do with her missing husband's supernatural past, and is determined to finally start a new life for herself.  The episodic webisode is set in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 100,000 thousands of Hawaiian's have relocated, and now shares the personal title for Las Vegas as... Hawaii's Ninth Island! 

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