Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Someone tell her about and

Ok listen. One of my biggest pet peeves is people saying there is "no film community" here or "no talent" here. It's annoying when our locals say it and twice as annoying when people outside or new to the community say it. 

Perhaps I am most annoyed due to the firsthand experience i have assisting the indie film community with a variety of great projects, and the sense of pride I get out of seeing filmmakers reach their goals and see their projects through to the end. 

I am late on the train here, but I will say there is at least ONE place that has zero tolerance for ego and that is this forum. One quick way to alienate yourself from a community is to come in and make uneducated, sweeping generalizations like some of the ones I read earlier. 

I am deleting the chain in which this happened in tonight. That is not the purpose of this forum. 

Please read group posting policy in the documents section. There are other film social media groups in which you can posture and insult each other. 

Egomaniacs have been deleted in the past from this group and this policy still stands.

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