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'Under the Dome' rises, SNL and other writers protest election, LA Declairs financial war on other states with incentives. Keith Olbermann returns, Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo sues ex-workers

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., center, waves from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to supporters on the Mall in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28, 1963. (AFP/Getty Images / August 27, 2013) A link to a review of the PBS Documentary at the bottom of this column.

After the coffee. Before mentioning Miley Cyrus in every headline. 

Let The Games Begin
A scene from "Under the Dome." (Best Possible Screen Grab )

With three more episodes to go in the season, "Under the Dome" is comfortably winning in ratings and viewership on Monday nights. 
The CBS show, based on Stephen King's book about a small town trapped under a transparent dome, increased its audience to 10.81-million viewers and got a 2.5 rating in the key 18-to-49 demographic, up 4% from last week, according to preliminary numbers from Nielsen. 
CBS easily topped viewership and ratings rankings with a 1.7 in 18-to-49 and an average of 6.83-million viewers. Univisionplaced second in the key demo with a 1.4 rating.
"Under the Dome's" closest competitor was NBC's "American Ninja Warrior," which drew 5.78-million viewers and increased its demo rating 13% to a 1.7, while "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" jumped 18% to a 1.3. 
ABC's only original for the night was "Mistresses," which brought in 3.44-million viewers and scored a rating of 1, up 11% from last week as the show moved to a 9 p.m. slot. 
Fox was in all repeats. 

'Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda'
Nik Wallenda, star of "Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda," at the Grand Canyon. (Jason Elias / Discovery)

Peacock Productions hits back at WGA in dispute over election.

Peacock Productions, the NBCU-owned company embroiled in a labor dispute with the Writers Guild of America, fired back at the union on Tuesday.
Writers from "Saturday Night Live" and many other shows on the NBC and USA networks this week wrote a letter to Comcast/NBCU CEO Stephen Burke urging him to respect the results of a recent union election by employees of NBCU-owned Peacock Productions.  Employees have been seeking to join the union for more than a year and voted in June to do so.
But the company, which produces nonfiction cable network shows, including "Caught on Camera" and "Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda," is seeking on Tuesday to nullify the election results on the grounds that the workers are supervisors not entitled to rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The National Labor Relations Board is reviewing the dispute.
"We believe that Peacock’s producers hold meaningful supervisory authority, which, according to Federal Labor Law, excludes them from voting," NBCU said in a statement Tuesday. "The Board decided to review the Regional Director’s decision and is currently in the process of doing so.”
Peacock also disputed a claim from the New York-based WGA, East that the company was blocking the votes from being counted.
“Prior to the June 14 vote, we asked the NLRB to review the Regional Director’s decision regarding the supervisory status of Peacock’s freelance producers.  The NLRB granted us a review,'' the company said in its statement. "As is part of the normal process, the votes were impounded by the NLRB until a decision is made.  We are still waiting for the NLRB to render their decision, which is why no votes have been counted."
The guild has been waging a campaign to organize writer-producers in the fast-growing sector of nonfiction basic cable programming since 2009.

The Skinny: So my new hobby, as of yesterday, is stair climbing. Thus I'm forgoing the standing desk today. Today's headlines include Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo's suit against former workers and Eric Garcetti's push to keep film projects in L.A.   

Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann, shown last month during the 2013 Summer Television Critics Assn. tour, has returned to sports news with a show on ESPN2. (Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images / July 22, 2013)

Daily Dose: Yes, Keith Olbermann returned to sports news last night. During a 15-minute rant on his ESPN2 debut, the combative host blasted the New York Daily News -- and by extension, sports media in general -- for creating a fake controversy about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's injury. I'd love to get his thoughts on ESPN pulling out of that "Frontline" documentary. 

Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo at his former radio studio
Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo sued six former employees on his radio program, alleging they were participating in a plot to extort nearly $5 million from the Spanish-language radio star. Above, Sotelo at his former Univision studio working at Spanish-language radio station KSCA-FM (101.9) in Glendale. (Karen Tapia-Andersen / Los Angeles Times / March 27, 2006)

The "Tweety Bird" saga continues: Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, the radio host whose Univision show was canceled amid sexual harassment allegations, is suing six former employees. He says they tried to extort $4.9 million from him. The workers will be filing their own suits soon, their lawyer says. Details from the Los Angeles Times and Billboard.   

Eric Garcetti Runaway Hollywood
Photograph by Art Streiber

Not to sound alarmist ... : Seeing the film industry leave Hollywood for tax incentives, new Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is calling the trend an emergency for the city and the region. Now Garcetti wants state politicians to do something about it. That's Variety's cover story this week

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Sunday. (John Shearer / Associated Press)

Miley Cyrus sends MTV's Video Music Awards to top Twitter ranking.

MTV certainly knows how to provoke a social media stir. Sunday night's 2013 Video Music Awards, with Lady Gaga'squick-change performance, 'N Sync's flash-reunion and Miley Cyrus' cringe-inducing appearance, generated 18.5-million tweets, according to Nielsen's SocialGuide.
That was by far the most tweeted-about telecast of the week ended Aug. 25, about 28 times more than its nearest competition. The two runners-up in the Twitter activity rankings were also MTV shows: Last Monday's episode of "Teen Wolf" with 662,300 tweets and the "2013 VMA Pre-Show" with 467,200. 
MTV had four of the 10 most tweeted about shows for the week. The fourth was "Catfish: The TV Show" at No. 7, behindAMC's "Breaking Bad." 
Also causing some commotion was Friday's "Today" show, which featured a performance by the teen pop group One Direction. 
For the VMAs, the Twitter deluge was not necessarily positive, particularly for Cyrus, who performed "We Can't Stop" and was joined by Robin Thicke for a rendition of "Blurred Lines." She danced with a foam finger, twerked with giant teddy bears and stripped to her underwear. 
That drew plenty of ire from viewers, fellow celebrities and media outlets. MTV said Monday that the performance drew some 306,000 tweets per minute
Here are the week's rankings: 
1. "2013 MTV Video Music Awards" (MTV), Sunday, 18.49 million tweets.
2. "Teen Wolf" (MTV), Monday, 662,300 tweets.
3. "2013 VMA Pre-Show" (MTV), Sunday, 467,200 tweets.
4. "Pretty Little Liars" (ABC Family), Tuesday, 368,000 tweets.
5. "WWE Monday Night RAW" (USA), Monday, 241,200 tweets.
6. "Breaking Bad" (AMC), Sunday, 235,100 tweets. 
7. "Catfish: The TV Show" (MTV), Sunday, 213,100 tweets.
8. "Today" (NBC), Friday, 186,500 tweets.
9. "Big Brother" (CBS), Thursday, 162,800 tweets.
10. "Basketball Wives" (VH1), Monday, 128,900

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler in "Olympus Has Fallen." (Phil Caruso / MCT)

'Olympus Has Fallen' takes over.

A trio of action films took the top-selling DVD and Blu-ray spots last week as the explosion-packed blockbusters from the spring started to hit retail shelves. 
In its first week in release, the White House-set thriller"Olympus Has Fallen" was the No. 1 DVD and Blu-ray title.
The movie, which stars Gerard Butler as a disgraced Secret Service agent who has to save the White House from a terrorist takeover, got a lukewarm critical reception butperformed well at the box office
The Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle "Oblivion" slipped to second place for the week, and "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," which starsChanning Tatum and Dwayne Johnson, rounded out the top three. 
In rentals, "Olympus Has Fallen" also took the top spot, followed by "Mud," which features Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive who enlists two young boys to help him escape bounty hunters and reunite with the love of his life. 
Here are the top titles for the week that ended Aug. 17 for sales and Aug. 18 for rentals, according to Rentrak. 

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray sales
1. "Olympus Has Fallen" (Sony). Week 1
2. "Oblivion" (Universal). Week 2
3. "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" (Paramount). Week 3
4. "Once Upon a Time: The Complete 2nd Season" (Disney). Week 1
5. "The Big Wedding" (Lionsgate). Week 1
6. "Mud" (Lionsgate). Week 2
7. "Despicable Me" (Universal). Week 140
8. "Duck Dynasty: Season 3" (Disney). Week 2
9. "42" (Warner Bros.). Week 5
10. "The Place Beyond the Pines" (Disney). Week 2

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray rentals
1. "Olympus Has Fallen" (Sony). Week 1
2. "Mud" (Lionsgate). Week 2
3. "Admission" (Universal). Week 6
4. "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" (Paramount). Week 3
5. "42" (Warner Bros.). Week 5
6. "Identity Thief" (Universal). Week 11
7. "The Big Wedding" (Lionsgate). Week 1
8. "Bullet To The Head" (Warner Bros.). Week 5
9. "Jack The Giant Slayer" (New Line). Week 9
10. "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" (New Line). Week 8

ESPN and the bundle: In the third part of its series on ESPN's power in the worlds of sports and media, the New York Times explains the network's (thus Disney's) extraordinary leverage in the debate over pay-TV bundles. How powerful is the ESPN bundle? One anonymous veteran cable operator calls negotiations "total surrender." 

 Mark Mahoney
Mark Mahoney, celebrity tattooer in his studio in West Hollywood (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times / August 27, 2013)

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Today's business centerpiece comes from DiAngelea Millar, who gives us a close look at Mark Mahoney, tattoo artist to the stars. TV critic Robert Lloyd reviews the PBS civil-rights documentary "The March." 

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I came back for more...2nd night of auditions (didn't have to but wanted a chance to read again). Tonight felt like an acting class for me. So awesome. Thanks, Art, for your training so many years ago. I hope to do you proud someday. Oh, and I vocalized well both nights (for those who know me well, this is quite an accomplishment).
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