Monday, September 1, 2014

Union Members Tweet in Support of Labor and SAG-AFTRA

Join Our Labor Day Twitter Activities

Union Members Tweet in Support of Labor and SAG-AFTRA

What: This Labor Day, we can all do our part to help send a positive message about the value of unions – and we’re encouraging SAG-AFTRA members to do so through Twitter!

Join the fourth annual Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Works Labor Day Tweet-a-Thon. We encourage you to Tweet your solidarity and support for SAG-AFTRA and unions over the Labor Day weekend.

Simply send a Tweet over Labor Day weekend with the hashtag #unionmember to showcase the strength, solidarity and diversity of our unions and to show your support for SAG-AFTRA, also include the hash tag #SAGAFTRAmember and #sagaftra.

Why: Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker and a day to honor our country’s rich history in the union movement. It's a day Americans can reflect on the work conditions that were hard-fought by unions over the decades: minimum wage, sick pay, child labor laws, paid vacations, the weekend, health and retirement benefits and much more. It’s a great time to remind the public that unions still play an important role in the work force today. And it’s an easy way to show you’re a proud union member. Your followers and supporters, and our allies in the entertainment industry, professional sports unions, workers’ rights and union movement, and more will be re-Tweeting to maximize visibility of the effort.

When: Tweets can be sent today through the end of the Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2.

Who: The Tweet-A-Thon is an event established by Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Work. SAG-AFTRA members will also be joined by our colleagues at WGAE and AEA, as well as members of the Major League Baseball Players AssociationNational Football League Players Association and the National Hockey League Players' Association in tweeting positive union messages. Feel free to send multiple tweets honoring all of your unions.

How: We’ve made this easy. Here are sample suggested tweets to send through your Twitter account on Labor Day. All are under 140 characters. Of course, personalize as you see fit.

Sample Tweets for Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Work Tweet-a-Thon:

Please use #unionmember in each tweet so we know you’re participating! If you have room, feel free to include the short URL of the Tweet-A-Thon’s website, which is

And watch for Tweets from @SAGAFTRA and @SAGAFTRANews to re-Tweet as you see fit.

1.  Want to make it big? Become a #unionmember #sagaftra
2.  Best career advice: Become a #unionmember #sagaftramember
3.  I’m a #sagaftramember #unionmember. Happy Labor Day
4.  I am a #sagaftramember #unionmember Part of the American dream.
5.  Happy Labor Day from a proud #sagaftramember #unionmember
6.  Become a #unionmember like me. #sagaftramember
7.  Oscar, Emmy, Peabody, Grammy, SAG Award Winners? #unionmember #sagaftramember
8.  #sagaftramember #unionmember Stronger together. Happy Labor Day
9.  Happy #LaborDay! #sagaftramember #unionmember for life.
10. Proud #sagaftramember #unionmember! Happy Labor Day
11. #sagaftramember Happy Labor Day, paid for by the labor movement. #unionmember
12. I’m a #unionmember because together we are more powerful than we are alone.
13. One for All and All for One: I’m a #unionmember and #sagaftramember
14. #LaborDay is a great day to support worker’s rights and being a #unionmember
15. Fun fact: I'm a #unionmember! Happy #LaborDay!
16. Being a #unionmember gets you a shot at the American Dream
17. Happy to be a #unionmember this Labor Day? Tweet about it!
18. One for All and All for One: I’m a #unionmember and #sagaftramember
19. Proud to be a #unionmember and #sagaftramember this #LaborDay!
20. Best career advice I got: Become a #unionmember. Learn more:
21. On the air, on stage or in the studio, it pays to be a #unionmember! Pls RT!
22. On the big screen, the small screen, or behind the scenes, it pays to be a #unionmember
23. Why I’m a #unionmember: My family's health insurance is secure & affordable - even when the show's over.
24. Just like it takes a cast & crew, we all win by joining together to be part of something bigger than ourselves #unionmember
25. Happy Labor Day everyone! Shout out to all my #unionmember fans, friends & family.
26. I support workers’ rights #LaborDay and everyday. And I’m proud to be a #unionmember. RT if you agree.

Participating in a Labor Day event? Tweet your photos!
There are numerous tools you can use to tweet about your Labor Day event and include photos in your tweets! iPhone users can use the official Twitter iPhone app from the App Store, as well as other platforms such as Instagram. For Blackberry users, we suggest UberTwitter, download at Android users should use the official Twitter Android App via the Android MarketGoogle Play.

Thank you in advance for participating and have a happy and safe Labor Day.

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