Sunday, January 19, 2014

11 Things You Should Know About Your Headshot and Resume

By Tom Lapke | Backstage (click here)

11 Things You Should Know About Your Headshot and Resume
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We were all new to the business at some point. How many of these mistakes did you make (or are you still making them)?

1. Don’t put your age on your resume. Let the casting director decide how old you play.

2. Don’t put the year you graduated college either. Some quick math tells them how old you are.

3. Never put your home address on your resume. These end up all over the place, usually attached to a picture of you looking fabulous. No need to have a creepy stranger show up at your door.

4. Black and white photos have no place at your audition. This is not 2002. 

5. Put your contact information on your resume. This seems obvious, but ask a CD how many submissions they get without a single piece of contact info.

6. Those multi-look character headshots are so passé. 

7. Your headshot should look like the best version of you, not a glamour shot that you could never reproduce without the intervention of a fairy godmother.

8. Cut your 11 x 8.5 resume to fit your 8 x 10 headshot. Don’t be lazy, because this looks sloppy.

9. Get your headshot taken by a professional. Just because your friend took a photography class, does not mean they can take a decent headshot.

10. Make sure the font on your resume is large enough to be read by a human being.

11. Finally, make sure you are wearing all your clothes in your headshot. Again, this should be obvious, but… 

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