Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A testimonial from Morlon Greenwood.

My / Our  student at Casting Call on Friday nights (7 to 9:30 PM). Being a retired NFL player and professional at everything he does, Morlon will only settle for the best training...e Morlon is approaching it like a pro, making great inroads over a relatively short period of time. We are all proud of him! Look forward to seeing you in class, Morlon!
A testimonial from Morlon Greenwood.

To be the best actor, that must come from within. Having the drive to become a success is only apart of the equation, the other part is having the proper guidance and direction. That's where Casting Call Entertainment comes in, their expertise and knowledge of the acting world is superb. I've gained so much insight in so many area's on being an actor, its amazing. From analyzing scripts, Improv classes, being on camera and learning how to market yourself are just a few of the many learning experiences that Casting Call Entertainment has to offer. So if you are serious about your acting career, Casting Call Entertainment is where you need to be.

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