Monday, September 9, 2013

John August and Dan Jinks Make 'Big Fish' the Musical


John August and Dan Jinks Make 'Big Fish' the Musical

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Screenwriter John August and producer Dan Jinks talk about how they worked in secret for years with their collaborators to turn Big Fish the movie into Big Fish the Broadway musical.  
Banner image: Kate Baldwin and Norbert Leo Butz in Big Fish, the musical


Hollywood News Banter (2:30PM)

Kim Masters and John Horn of the Los Angeles Times discuss some of this week's top entertainment news stories.
- The Toronto International Film Festival opens: awards-bait movies, films for sale and behind the scenes controversy.
- The fan backlash against the casting on 50 Shades of Grey



'Big Fish' the Musical (2:38PM)

In the late 90's, John August read the book Big Fish by Daniel Wallace and convinced Sony to buy it for him to adapt into a movie. That filmdirected by Tim Burton, came out in 2003. Even then August knew he wasn't done with the story. For the last nine years he's worked on developing Big Fish into a Broadway musical. Now it has just opened to preview audiences at the Neil Simon theater in New York. John August and producer Dan Jinks, who with his partner produced the movie Big Fish, talk with Kim Masters about their learning curve in mounting a musical and the differences with making movies. Plus, they outline how they carefully developed the story for years in secret with Tony-nominated lyricist and composer, Andrew Lippa.

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