Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nevada Background Talent Worst in the Country

So word that Central Casting or employees may be bad mouthing Las Vegas and that they used that as an excuse to bus talent in from Hollywood to be background players in "Think Like a Man, Too!"

Truth be known we have over a dozen experienced local background casting companies that the film did not use, most with stellar records and pedigree.

One, Baskow, goes back many decades in providing union and non union background who are professional and get the job done. Others, like Goldman and Associated, have broken time lines, but solid Hollywood in Las Vegas credentials going back to the1970's.

It's another example, if true, of Hollywood feeling superior and thinking the are better than anyone else.

Central put anyone on the set, did not hire all qualified local professional talent in favor or a "look" cast from mass casting calls (no experience necesary), promises at chances to be upgraded into SAG roles.

Why can local companies do the job right for so many projects while Central Casting comes in and blows our positive rep as a background talent zone with one production?

We have long been looked at as at own to come and party in, with no local actors or talent (wait a minute, isn't the Strip in Las Vegas on address labels and a part of Nevada?).

Time to fight back and stand up as Nevada Talent!

-Art Lynch

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