Sunday, September 8, 2013

On The Media: Party like it's 1986, behind radio clocks, Canadian Propoganda and more

Partying Like It's 1986

In Guelph, Ontario, a family has committed themselves to not using any technology invented after 1986.

The Hilarious Face of Canadian Propaganda

Sixty-one years ago today, the nation of Canada launched their first TV station. Which means today is as good a day as any to talk about Canadian Heritage minutes.

This Creepy New NSA Story is Bonkers

Another Thursday, another huge NSA story based on Snowden documents.

Why the Syrian Hackers are Mostly Meaningless

The FBI released a memo today warning Americans to beware the Syrian Electronic Army, the decentralized group of hackers aligned with the Assad regime. They shouldn't have bothered.

Why is Syria flummoxing American Satirists?

It's hard to talk about the ideas or politics behind comedy news, because while we all know that they're important and influential, we also know that because they're entertainment, you can't talk seriously about them without sounding like a dummy. So let's sound like dummies for a moment!

Butt Sensing Technology

There should be a specific word for the moment when you're reading an article and your curiosity about a small aside completely overwhelms your interest in the broader article itself.

Behind The Public Radio Curtain

The latest 99% Invisible is a public radio geek's dream -- a behind-the-scenes look at the 'broadcast clocks' of public radio shows.

An Anonymous Stranger Confesses to A Murder. (Maybe)

On Sunday, the blog Post Secret, which publishes anonymous, secret confessions sent via postcard, posted what purports to be a murder confession.

Wiping your Kid off the Internet

This morning Slate published an interesting essay by Amy Webb, where she talks about how she and her husband have decided, since their young daughter's birth, to keep all traces of her off the internet.


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