Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Mission to Cultivate Creativity through Non-Profit Collaboration Spurs Transformation of
Reed Whipple Cultural Center

Las Vegas Shakespeare Company Expands Into Nevada Repertory Theatre;
Announces Premiere Production

Las Vegas – Exactly a year after pledging to renovate and expand Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Nevada Repertory, the sister company of Las Vegas Shakespeare Company, has unveiled plans to transform the face of non-profit performing arts in Southern Nevada. 

In partnership with more than a dozen local arts organizations, Nevada Repertory announced that Reed Whipple will be transformed into more than just a permanent home for its full season of performances. As the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center (CCTC), it will become home to many non-profit arts organizations in the valley.

“We came to Reed Whipple with the idea to bring it back to life as the home to Las Vegas Shakespeare Company, and now have expanded that vision with Nevada Repertory, Nevada’s first and only L.O.R.T. professional theater,” said Michael Gill President, Nevada Repertory.  “Early on it became clear to us that our company was just one of many that have struggled to find facilities that are cost effective for local productions and the solution to that struggle could be found in collaboration.  Over the last year we have worked with our colleagues across the arts spectrum to develop the vision behind the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center and we are delighted to be partnering with the CCTC to create a home for many of Nevada’s non-profit arts.”  

Under the guidance of the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center’s leadership, the renovated complex will be a facility where performing arts organizations can cohabitate and share the facilities of a 21st century arts complex.  All tenants of CCTC will utilize the facility rent free and utility free.  Among the more than a dozen groups confirmed to take up residence at CCTC, in addition to Nevada Repertory, are the Rainbow Youth Theater Company, the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra and Next Wave Opera.  One of Las Vegas’ cultural gems, the Las Vegas Philharmonic, will be using space at CCTC to showcase its new SPOTLIGHT SERIES, performing smaller and more specialized programming utilizing members of the Philharmonic. 
Located across from Cashman Field in downtown Las Vegas, CCTC is part of the redeveloping Cultural Corridor, a designated stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard between Washington and Bonanza, including the Neon Museum, the Natural History Museum, Cashman Center, and the Old Mormon Fort State Park.    
“The Cultural Corridor is a vital and important part of the city of Las Vegas’ overall plan to become a world-class city and a welcoming destination for both locals and tourists alike,” said Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. “Redeveloping Reed Whipple into a home for organizations working to bring the arts to life in Las Vegas is a wonderful way to add fuel to our cultural resurgence.”   

In keeping with the spirit of its mission to cultivate creativity through collaboration, every organization working within the renovated CCTC facility agrees to work in a collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere with the intent to create work that celebrates the arts and supports Southern Nevada’s artistic community.

Nowhere is this spirit more evident than in the announcement of Nevada Repertory’s premiere production, the Richard Rodgers musical ON YOUR TOES scheduled to open in Sept. 2015.  Demonstrating the uniqueness of the CCTC collaboration process, ON YOUR TOES is being co-produced by Nevada Repertory, Nevada Ballet Theatre, and the Las Vegas Philharmonic.    
“The production of ON YOUR TOES is exactly the kind of collaborative production process that we believe will flourish at CCTC,” said CCTC representative Jack Gaughan.  “Developing new works in partnership with multiple dynamic arts organizations will only strengthen the city’s cultural platform.”

In an effort to ensure the complex becomes a true destination, CCTC is moving forward with  previously announced plans to bring in-house eateries, ROSEMARY’S CAFÉ and the BARd LOUNGE, both operated by acclaimed Chef Mike Jordan, as well as GALLERY OV – OPPORTUNITY VILLAGE FINE ARTS retail gallery.

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