Sunday, September 8, 2013

Six Simple Audition Rules For Beginners

Your first year of auditions will bring anxiety attacks and disappointment, but they will also teach you a lot about the audition process. If you pay attention to these six simple rules, they may even bring great success and a start to a great acting career:

1. Do not expect to make it through your first few months of auditions without making mistakes. Learn from those mistakes, and then let them go.

2. Pay no attention to other actors waiting alongside you. Focus on preparing yourself mentally and do not compare yourself to anyone else.

3. Practice your lines before arriving for the audition, but not while you are waiting to go in the audition room. If you do not have it by then, there is no use trying to get it while in that nervous mental state.

4. Dress for the part you want to fill. Show the producer that you can become the character they want to create.

5. Hold your shoulders back, your head high, and make eye contact when entering the audition room. This speaks confidence and will give a first impression to those judging you.

6. If there is an X taped on the floor, stand on it to begin your audition.

These six tips are simple, but they can help you make a great first impression when walking into the audition room.

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