Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We are professionals - by Lollo Sievert

Nevada SAG 
by Lollo Sievert
former Vice President of the Nevada Branch of the Screen Actors Guild and proud member.

Nevada's membership is growing in numbers and spirit. I encourage all members to become active in reading about the industry, in paying attention to the actions of agents, managers and casting directors and to keep in touch with staff concerning any questions about their actions or contract implementation.

As your Vice President I have attended National Board and Regional Branch Division functions as an alternate to National Board Member Art Lynch. As a long time member of the New Technologies committee I have participated in the development of SAG's web presence and the advancing technologies that affect not only how the films and programs we work on are distributed, but also how they are produced.

The world is changing rapidly and as members we need to stay ahead of the curve. Computers are the Guild's primary way of communicating with all of us and are fast becoming the way we will see our product distributed and used by consumers.

The deliberate and well-financed battle against organized labor is real and growing quickly at the federal, state and local levels. It is important, if you wish to continue to be paid well for your work and to have the edge that is union professionalism work in your favor, that you become informed on what you can do to help SAG grow and remain strong as we enter new technological and business waters.

For these reasons I advise you all to read about the industry, to pay attention to more than which casting director or agent is most likely to call you for a single days work, and to work to retain and grow the amount of work you and all of your fellow SAG members can earn and benefit from in the future.

Become active in local SAG committees. Read. Watch. Learn. And when you are working, represent SAG well in a professional and proud manner, while enjoying the process of working in this wonderful entertainment industry.

I will end by quoting Art Lynch: "Without unions we stand alone. Without solidarity and camaraderie we are at the whim and call of management and are dispensable, easily replaced by non-professional wanna-be's who work for pennies just to be seen on film."

We are the professionals, stand up for your union.

First published July 17, 2010

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