Friday, October 25, 2013

Some of my students at Casting Call


Casting Call is a home away from home. A positive atmosphere with deep structured critisism towards our craft as actors. From beginners to novice and much more advanced. Casting  Call will push us actors to the next level. Other assets of film is also met with Writer/Director credits as well as producers working on professional sets to learn behind the scenes work and production. We want more....Casting Call gives us more with marketing ourselves the right way with headshots, resume, postcards, and more. I can go on forever. Casting Call hands down is great. Thank you to Sharry, Sean, Rob and everyone else who is involved with helping us reach our goals and dreams.
I love Sharry.  I enjoy 
all the classes here,

Sharry is great. She is great because I know she does everything she can do for me to get famous and "Out There". Everytime I see her I am happy and my day gets even brighter. For me, Sharry is the best influence. She tells me everything I need to know and toughens me up. She is also very kind. She is a beautiful, wise, young lady and I love her.

Casting Call Student Testimonials

Sharry and Gary are the best. Casting Call has been a total joy to be apart of. My son was longing to be apart of a family and meet incredible people to learn with and Casting Call is exactly what me and my son has found. If you are looking for somewhere to learn and have fun at the same time, Casting Call Entertainment is the place to be. The staff is amazing and we feel as if we are in great hands. Everyone is very professional including coaches. What it takes to get to Hollywood starts here and Casting Call will take you for it. We love Casting Call, and I truly mean this, my son has accomplished so much here. Thank you, again Casting Call.

Casting Call
 is like family, 
everyone here is now my friend and
I am so happy.
I can not say enough about Casting Call Entertainment and Casting Talent. The positive atmosphere is motivating and encouraging. The acting coaches are professional in there field. Casting Call Entertainment offers a well rounded insign into the industry of entertainment and the art of the craft. The classes cover marketing, auditioning, script analysis, on-camera acting and improv training. This company has a goal of giving each talent all the tools needed to have a successful career. The atmosphere here is supportive and more like a family, close relationships and friendships are importantly and easily former. This company has many professional outlets and connections, resulting in a variety of work opportunities.
Casting Call Entertainment has given me a second chance, it's getting me ready for Hollywood I felt lost, one day I went for a audition and that's when I decided to join the class,  I work six days a week in the taxi business 72 hours a week, and I put money on the meter to go to class and they work with me, I fell born again I've been in Vegas almost six years and I feel I have a chance to be a actor full time, and this is my miracle class a second chance to make it. Sharry has a great team of teacher actors, and their all great , I even took a VoiceOver  class and a extra film class , also regular class On Camera, marketing, Audition class.
This place is truly great, Thank you Casting Call Entertainment.


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