Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Opera at the Onyx this weekend: The Medium


The Medium
By Gian Carlo Menotti



Monica, Madame Flora's daughter, and Toby, a mute servant boy rescued from "the streets of Budapest" play dress-up. When Madame Flora, or "Baba" as they call her, arrives home drunk, she violently chastises them for not preparing for that night's séance. Soon the guests arrive, Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau, regulars, and the widow Mrs. Nolan who is attending for the first time. With Madame Flora in a trance in her chair, a fake séance is held.

A few days later.....
Toby is giving a puppet show for Monica, their mutual love becomes more obvious. When Baba comes home, she resumes her accusations on Toby, sure that he knows what went on the night if the séance. The guests again arrive, expecting another séance but are driven away by Madame Flora who tries to convince them that the whole thing was a sham by revealing all the tricks that she and Monica used. But the guests are not convinced and leave claiming that while she might have thought she was cheating them, she in fact was not. Baba continues to get drunker throughout the evening and as the night spins into confusion death and murder ensue from the eerie depths of Baba's mind.
The Medium is a short two-act dramatic opera first performed in New York City in1946. In Sin City Opera's production of The Medium each character falls under Toby's control, the opera's mute character, which is unveiled through Menotti's masterful orchestrations that change texture and color each moment as the story unfolds.

Artistically, the show is designed to challenge everyday staging and interpretations of the opera in its basic elements of interaction and staging by combining elements from other art forms, such as ballet, musical theater, opera seria and tragedy, while being humanistic in its approach. It looks at ethics, human needs, manipulation and the ability of people to become involved in alternate realities. The show is meant to question how we see the world and how we understand what is and is not seen, thus surprising the audience. The end result for the show is that there will be elements of suspense, comfort, elegance, happiness, anger and playfulness throughout so that the audience falls in love with each character and moment, creating a spectacle that drives emotional interaction between the audience and the characters.

Sin City Opera - Opera for Everyday: Sin City Opera is Las Vegas' premier contemporary opera company dedicated to bringing affordable opera and classical music to the community in fresh and exciting new ways.

"At the core of everything we do, and hope to do, is our mission to inspire, challenge and uplift our audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera but brought to you in an unconventional way" states Skip Galla, Artistic Director for SCO.

SCO will soon qualify as a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas that serves the residents and visitors of the Las Vegas area and is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of opera by offering productions of the highest possible quality and to strengthening the region's cultural and artistic community through collaborations with a diverse range of arts organizations.

        Showtimes: Friday November 1st at 8PM - Tickets are $10 to this performance when you enter the code MEDIUM at checkout! *Limited number of these tickets available 

November 2, 8 & 9 at 8PM - Tickets $15 


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